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  • Thursday, 20 October 2016


    Respected Cdr pathak Sir,
    Of course there are anomalies in both De-linking of 33yrs &7th CPC resolution. WELDON
    But as I have mentioned earlier, and elaborated by Cdr Pokar Ram sir, the DL 33 should have been with notional maximum from July 2009 and Sep 20012. 
    As far as VII CPC, the GOI /MOD DESW already issued Resolution based on 2.57 multification factor which civilians already got in August 2016. However any enhancement in multification factor ( may be 3 or 2.86 etc) will automatically will pass on to Military Veterns also. So why we should we wait for something on which GOI already issued orders/resolution. My primay question was why we need to involve PCDA on this policy matters.  The primary objective of my original mail was to remove PCDA (which is also a colonial left over) from issuing any implemention order for defence veterns as they are only accountants and not policy makers of Union Of India.
    It may also like to bring to your kind attention that, any enhancement based on represenations of service chief's will be applicable only to Option I of VII CPC recommendations. The implementation of option 1 is not covered in the MOD/DESW resolution dated 30 September 2016. So we no need to wait for the out come of  service chief's represention as it will only be effected at least after six months. It may noted that, service personal already got a 10% increase wef 01 Januvary on adhoc basis.
    And finally regarding our Service Chief's representation to MOD/PM of India. We donot know what they recommended. But I am sure the following core issues of JCOs and below are not there in their priority list.
    a)    Up grading of Havildar grade pay to Rs 4200
    As you know well that, a civilian charge hand in Naval Dockyard was equal to Petty Officer (Hav in army). Now the charge hand has already been upgraded to Gazetted status with class B and having Grade pay of 4600. The Petty officer still not even in 4200. So at least the Petty officer grade pay should be enhanced to Rs 4200. It may be noted that, a petty officer with 10 years of service is awarded an equalant graduation certificate by GOI.
    b)    Up grading of Naib Subaidar grade pay to Rs 4600
    It is is the same case as above. A Chief Petty Officer in Indian Navy was above a civilian Foreman in Naval Dockyard but now foreman in Naval Dock is having a grade pay of 4600. So Chief Petty Officer ( Nb Sub in Army) Grade pay also must have to enhanced to Rs 4600.
    c)    Granding X group pay to all ranks from Havidar to Subaida Major
    Since you have been in Indian Navy and Commander Ahuja sir who also been in Navy will surely agree with me, that, a POELP (petty officer Electrical Power) is always Section-in-charge of Power of war ships and most of the Petty officers are also section in charges of their respective sections. A POELP is the head of Power section of warship and he controls entire power generation and distribution of the warship in harbour and and sea. He is responsible for defect rectification and periodical/planned preventive maintenance of all the electrical Equipments. You also will agree with me that a POELP retires and immediately joins Merchent Navy as Electrical officer. It is the same with all the branches in Indian Navy. whether it is a Radar Plottor/Torpedo Operator/Radar and Radio/Missile Operator. They are all doing same  technical job than an artificer apprentice IV class is doing. Where as an artificer apprentice IV class who is in X group gets huge amount as additional pay in the sake of having an equ deploma  where as a Petty Office Electrical Power who also have the same qualification with more experience is kept equal in pay to Petty Officer Topazz (Toilet cleaning department). If a toilet cleaning department petty officer can be equated with a Petty Officer Electrical who has more responsibility even than an Artficer apprentice IV Class why he can not be placed in X group. So it is the case with all general branch Petty officer and equ.It may be noted that, irrespective of trades, a petty officer with 10 years of service is awarded an equalant graduation certificate by GOI.
    It is mere intresting to see that, even the Military Nursing Officers are paid double MSP than JCOs and Ors who even dont have degree. They never sails on board/never serves even on ships at harbour. They donot have to face any enemy threat still they are paid with Commissionined officers salary and double Military Service Pay
    d)    Same Military Service Pay to all ranks
    The bullets donot recognaise who is an officer/ who is a sailor. all the challanges as a militry man has to be face by all irrespective of their ranks. Hope you remebering INS Andaman. We lost the ship at Bay of Bangal. it is not only officers but majority was sailor who did supreme sacrfice. When a ship sails out to enemy waters wheteher it is in Pakistan waters/Sri Lankan waters for IPKF operation or for Ops Pawan or Somalia/sudan peace keeping operations all ranks have to face the same threat. So the military service pay should have been equal to all ranks
    e)    Increasing of Pension to 70% of the basic pay from 50% 
    Restoring the status of Pre 1973. Over the period of time Militery has been down graded and pension was down to 50%  from 70% of the last pay drawn.
    Sir, I dont think any of the above geniune points of JCOs and ORs are in Service Chief's recommendation. We only can address it through one to one emails to Hon Raksha Manthriji and MOD or painfully through Judicial remedy. It is very happy to say that, after Ms Damayanti IAS was took over as JSEW, there is a  facelift in addressing vetern issues. Although she transferred out , hope our Rakshmantriji will soon appoint some senior officers who will have a holistic approach to Military veterns.
    Thanking you
    Jose Mathew
    Ex CHELP


    1. The maker of vth pay commission have upgraded all matric entry rate in GP B whether he is sweeper, barber boot repair, washer man or other tradesman equal to a clk or surveyor. They have no responsibility but getting pay and perks equivalent to clk of army. The policy makers do not know the difference between clk or tradesman. What will be future of skilled people.

    2. karunakaran a ex havildar20 October 2016 at 19:57


      three emoluments of other ranks namely hardship allowances , disability element and military service pay are to be at par and equal in view of natural justice.
      with regard to basic pay of respective ranks stand good, an other rank should not claim his perks equal to higher officer

      soldiers of infantry and associated service arms those who are involved in guarding the border face enemy bullet, vulnerable to inclement weather and natural calamity, identify and take statistics of their degree of commitment how many hours they put themselves in the border, based on that the above cited three allowances to be given pro rata without involving rank

      sitting in office commanding telephone is not the criteria for sanctioning the three allowances

      wait and see if it is settled legitimately otherwise let us sue in the court of law

      i come to understand from a letter written by a general officer from medical corps that all retiring general officers are forcing the medical corps to award disability pensions

      if it is true then a board of medical experts having disinterested quality and impartial nature is to be formed to prob this disability pension scam

      i think many skeletons will fall from the cupboard

    3. "They are all doing same technical job than an artificer apprentice IV class is doing." What do you mean? What exactly you want to explain? I copied your statement here.If a radar plotter is equated with Artificer IV,then you are equating a RF engineer and a radio operator. You boldly assert publicaly, doing technical job,more than an artificer IV.Then if you have that confidence,undertake a statement in front of the Commanding Officer Of the ship that a radar plotter will do all the job of a ARTIFICER-IV.Request him to transfer all the artificers out of the ship.Will be able to speak like that.?Please ask the radar plotter to explain radar range equations which is the start of the professional training.Please submit your views and opinion in writing to Commanding Officer Valsura and the CNS.You mean to say the training period 4 years to become ARTIFICER IV is meaningless and your all radar plotters can do the job?.Please go to INS Valsura again,specially to Training Office .Take out the syllabus of an ARTIFICER-IV and compare with that of radar plotter in Tactical School at Cochin.It will be clear to you.You got to make sure before advocating for them to earn their goodwill,you ask them post an article like this,that they can do that job of an ARTIFICER-IV.This infighting I witnessed while in service not outside,because we are all human ,differences do occur and not to be carried forward that too in a public forum.If this is the understanding you had with you own shipmates,what sort of discipline you had during your service?Better reform your thinking at least now which is good for all of us.I want to do make a specific request to you.You made a statement here-TOILET CLEANING PETTY OFFICE-TOPAZ etc,.Your intention is to say that they are all socially down graded people.Your underlying meaning is unwarranted and whoever reads this post ,be it a defence man or civilian will certinly condemn your obnoxious expresson.The petty officer who is doing the noble and humble job of HOUSE KEEPING of the job for you and me are the least paid.In foreign nations they are decently paid respected people.More than anything else,they are our ow fellow human.You have to withdraw the
      derogatory statement from this blog. Srinivasan,RTD MCEAR-I,Indian Navy

    4. Mr Narendra Kumar,the future of skilled people will be better always.

    5. For Navy from V CPC they put all the Petty officers ( Toilet cleaner, cook, steward, clerk, Marine Engineer, Electrician, Radar and Radio Technician, Communicatior all in Group B and kept artificers as Group A)

      1. V cpc Chairaman was also retired judge.When the CPC made personal visits to ships and establishments ,were the sailors permitted to present their demands to them by our care takers? No!.Is there any provision the draft copy of the CPC final report to be shown to the stake holders before it goes to both the houses for approval? NO.Leave aside everything.The first citizen of India,our Supreme Commander,was apprised by our Godfather? No.Whom to blame?Did the house keeping branch specifically request and demand they should be included in higher group? NO.The admin system and grievance address methods are wrong where you and me have no voice.So why to fight among ourselves.In your younger days your parents were doing the same job,what the house keeping branch sailors did for you in ships and establishments, to keep you healthy,neat and tidy, while you were in service,Could u dare to insult your parents like this? Words are spoken are worse than bullets.You have to exercise utmost caution in reacting.Srinivas

    6. Minimum guaranteed pension released under PCDA(P) circular 547 was not correct and this has been rectified to some extent in cor 568. As you rightly said CDA should work on policy matter decided by MOD and its department and not to act as deciding authority. In fact OROP is a subject that was mishandled by them is enough for example. When lower grade trade is upgraded they should have thought some grades to be uplifted for example clerical case deserve to next higher grade A/X.

    7. Very narrow view to think that sweeper or barber is not skilled.Every one wants to compare with officers.But they don't want lower grades to come up

      1. NO. For every job you require a particular qualification and skill. You cannot make all equal in every respect. Then the fundamental structure of society will be ruined,

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    8. Anonymous22 October 2016 at 01:22:What is fundamental structure of the society?Explain kindly.We studied atomic structure,it is science.Natural.What is the underlying meaning of your statement

    9. All jobs are not equal if that is the case we dont require extended training for certain categories and short training for others.How an Air craft oriented training and submarine engine specialist can be compared with other people who got lesser responsiblity to perpform but to run an organisation all are required skilled and non skilled.