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  • Thursday, 20 December 2018



    Veteran Mohanarangan Had a cordial discussion with AGM CPPC along with Maj.Gen Eswaran who is appointed as Pension Liason Officer SBI South India and Arivarasu sir. DSP account issues has been discussed and will be taken up with DGM SBI for converting Pension Account to DSP account. He has convinced him the need to get the interest rate reduced since those who are availing are ESM society. Hope some thing may come out soon.

    Wednesday, 12 December 2018



    Monday, 10 December 2018


    Army Personnel Feel Let Down by Govt’s Refusal to Hike Military Service Pay
    MSP is given besides salary in recognition of the condition and hardship faced by the armed forces while performing their duties.
    Image for representational use only. Image Courtesy: Indian Express
    The government’s rejection of a long-standing demand of the armed forces for higher Military Service Pay (MSP) for around one lakh personnel, including Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO's), has left many upset in the Armed Forces.
    The MSP is given besides salary in recognition of the condition and hardship faced by the armed forces while performing their duties. This concept was introduced in India in the Sixth Pay Commission.
    Around 1.12 lakh military personnel, including 87,646 JCOs and 25,434 personnel of equivalent rank from the Navy and the Indian Air Force will be impacted by the decision. The armed forces this time round had sought a hike from Rs 5,500, as recommended by the Seventh Pay Commission in 2016, to Rs 10,800 per month in MSP for JCOs and other low-ranking officers in Army, Indian Air Force and Navy. Had the proposal gone through, the financial spending would have amounted to Rs 610 crore.
    The MSP has two categories, including one for officers and another for JCOs and jawans. The Seventh Pay Commission had fixed Rs 5,200 as MSP per month for JCOs and jawans. This special allowance was fixed at Rs 15,500 for officers between Lieutenant-rank and Brigadier-rank.
    The Army has been pressing for granting an MSP of Rs 10,800 for the JCOs, arguing that they are gazetted officers (Group B) and play a very vital role in command and control structure of the force. “JCOs perform a crucial role in the overall command structure and are the link between officers and men. It was not the right thing to treat the JCOs on a par with the jawans as regards granting MSP since JCOs are gazetted officers with long years of service” a source serving in the Indian Army told Newsclick who did not wish to be named.
    Sources also claim that the Army Headquarters is anguished over the rejection of higher MSP to JCOs and the Defence Ministry is also miffed. In 2016, the three service chiefs had taken up salary-related issues including the "anomalies" in MSP with the 7th Pay Commission as well as with the top echelon of the government.
    Subsequently, the Army had taken up the issue strongly with the Defence Minister and the three services as well as the Defence Ministry were on the same page on the issue.
    “On the rationale for MSP, soldiers and their civilian counterparts in Central Government services cannot be compared given the fact the nature of duties performed by jawans and JCOs are more difficult. It is in this context that the armed forces for long were demanding a separate MSP for JCOs,” another military serviceman told Newsclick.
    Retired Major Priyadarshi told Newsclick, “Legally, military nurses are paid an MSP Rs 10,800 as proposed in the 7th Pay Commission. Military nurses and JCOs are both Grade B officers, therefore JCOs are also entitled to a similar MSP. It is a very disappointing decision by the Government which has time and again claimed to be “for the army” and defence personnel.”
    The Army operates in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions ranging from Siachen where temperatures range from minus 10 to minus 30, hot deserts of Rajasthan, inaccessible areas along the 750-km long Line of Control with Pakistan and 4,000-km Line of Actual Control facing China from Ladakh in the north to Arunachal Pradesh in the east. Similarly, Navy and IAF perform operational duties in tough conditions.
    Priyadarshi further said that “the attitude of the Indian Government highlights the sad state of civilians towards the military servicemen.JCOs must be given due importance in recognition of their key role and to keep their morale high.”

    Friday, 7 December 2018

    7th CPC Central Government has rejected the main demand for higher Military Service Pay for Junior Commissioned Officers

    7th CPC Military Service Pay (MSP)

    Govt Rejects Main Demand

    7th CPC Military Service Pay (MSP) - Govt Rejects Main Demand

    Central Government has rejected the main demand for higher Military Service Pay for Junior Commissioned Officers.
    As per the media news today, the Army Headquarters was very upset over the decision of the Finace Ministry. Around 1.12 lakh military personnel including 87,646 Junior Commissioned Officers and 25,434 personnel of equivalent rank from the Navy and the India Air Force will be impacted by the decision.
    The Defence Force Personnel, particularly the JCOs in Army, demanded to increase the MSP from Rs.5500 to Rs.10000. Earlier the 7th Central Pay Commission has recommended MSP Rs.5200 to JCOs.(Table shown the rates of MSP recommended by 7th CPC)
    7th Central Pay Commission has applied a common multiplication factor of 2.57 on MSP of JCOs and ORs. As per methodology, the MSP has been raised to Rs.5200 pm from Rs.2000 pm.
    The long pending demand on MSP that the commission forgot to consider that both JOCs and Equivalents are also Group 'B' Officers.
    Whereas, the Group 'B' officers in Military Nursing Service, MSP had been fixed Rs.10800 pm. All JCOs and ORs (Combatants) demanded to raise the MSP to Rs.10000 pm at par with MNS Officers.
    The 7th CPC recommended the rates of MSP was as follows:
    DesignationExisting Rate of MSPRecommended by 7th CPC
    Service Officers600015500
    Nursing Officers420010800
    JCO / ORs20005200
    Non Combatants (Enrolled) in the Air Force10003600

    MSP will continue to be reckoned as Basic Pay for purposes of Dearness Allowance, as also in the computation of pension. Military Service Pay will however not be counted for purposes of House Rent Allowance, Composite Transfer Grant and Annual Increment.
    The Military Service Pay, which is a compensation for the various aspects e.g., intangibles linked to special conditions of service, conducting full spectrum operation including force projection outside India's boundaries, superannuation at a younger age and for the edge historically enjoyed by the Defence Forces over the civilian scales, will be admissible to the Defence forces personnel only.

    Friday, 30 November 2018


    Forwarding of my representation to a wrong Department by DESW

    M B Chandran Menon vinodvihar31@gmail.com

    Attachments10:05 AM (0 minutes ago)

    to rm, secyesw, jsesw
    Respected Madam / Sir,
    My attached application to DESW has been wrongly forwarded to Directorate of Army veterans instead of Directorate of Air Veterans.
    I am a Air Force Veteran & Ex Sgt M B Chandran, My service particulars were clearly mentioned in my Representation.It is shameful to the entire MOD/DESW that an officer responsible for the welfare of Ex-servicemen do not know the Ranks in three services & their respective Directorate of Veterans.
    Due to such ignorant people working in MOD / ESW, the pension Pension sanctioning of many widows  / Veer Narris were Held up for years together.
    We ex-servicemen were very much impressed by the Good Governance Program announced by our Hon Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, These type of people working in various departments are  torpedoing his Ambitious program & this is the condition of Good governance Programme at fag end of the five year Term of this Government.
    As a Columnist I used to Point out to the Govt,that ma,y Ambitious programs of this Govt are Torpedoed by Bureaucrats lobby& this is a fine example that.I am taking up this with the PMO grievance cell.
    You are Kindly requested to look in to this matter & take appropriate corrective action with intimation to me. Copy of my original representation & copy of wrong forwarding letter received is attached herewith.
    Yours Faithfully,
    M B C Menonn
    4 Attachments

    Monday, 19 November 2018


    OROP case was heard in court no 13 Supreme Court in front of Honourable Justice Chandrachud & Justice Shah on 19 Nov 2018. Our side was represented by Sh VK Tankha, Sh Balaji Srinivasan, Sh Arunava Mukherjee, Sh Varun Chopra and M/s Garima. UOI was represented by M/s Pinky Anand and Sh Rana Mukherjee. Govt counsels argued that this petition needs to be dismissed but OROP counsels strongly represented that notice has been issued to UOI and counter affidavits has been filed by UOI and rejoinder has been filed by petitioners. We are ready for final arguments. We have very strong case that injustice has been done to ex-servicemen by Govt. While Govt is claiming that they have released OROP whereas the fact is that OROP has not been released and because of inherent conditionalities in even 7 CPC full advantage has been denied to old ESM pensioners. Judges took note of petitioners arguments and ordered that case be listed for final arguments in first week of Feb 19.
    GROUP CAPT VK Gandhi.

    Sunday, 18 November 2018

    Incorrect/Wrong practice being followed by banks in payment of Defence Pension on e-PPOs.

    Circular 207
    No. AT/Tech/358-II 
    Dated: 12.11.2018.
    1. The Chief Accountant, RBI Deptt. of Govt. Bank Accounts, Central office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex, P B No. 8 143, Bandre East Mumbai-400051
    2. The Director of Treasuries of all state
    3. The Manger CPPC of Public Sector Banks including IDBI
    4. The CDA (PD) Meerut..........
    5. The CDA-Chennai..........
    6. The Nodal Officers (ICICI/ AXIS/HDFC Bank).
    7. The Pay & Accounts Officers.
    8. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy Kathmandu, Nepal.
    9. The DPDO............
    10 The Post Master..............
    Sub: Incorrect/Wrong practice being followed by banks in payment of Defence Pension on e-PPOs.
    Consequent upon generation of e-PPO by this office for all categories of Defence Pensioners, procedures for forwarding of e-PPOs by the Pension Sanctioning Authorities to the Pension Disbursing Authorities and e-verification of these e-PPOs were issued under this office circular No. 588 dated 20.10.2017
    The procedure mentioned in above circular clearly states that a copy of e-PPO, duly digitally singed will be sent to the bank through SFTP connectivity which this office has established with various banks and through email id pcdapedp.cgda@nic.in to others bank and other PDAs (except DPDO to whom the PPOs are forwarded through CGDA WAN) who have not established SFTP connectivity that time. A copy of these e-PPOs, duly digitally signed will also sent electronically to Army HQrs/Record Offices(ROs)/ Head of Offices for scrutinizing and checking the same. Army HQrs/ Record Offices(ROs) / Head of Offices were required to provide to the PDA a hard copy of the e-PPO( after printing from the PDF file) along with the descriptive roles of the Descriptive Particulars of the pensioners.
    PDAs were advised to affect the payment based on e-PPO received by them through SF TP/email only after confirmation from the Army HQrs/Record Offices(ROs)/ Head of Offices in the form of receipt of hard copy of e-PPO and Descriptive Role and Descriptive Particular.
    However, flagrant incidents of ignoring the above guidelines by the banks have been noticed where banks are found making payment on the basis hard copy of e-PPOs where PPO has been issued in favour of CPDA, Allahabad instead of banks.
    In view of the above, all the banks are requested that on receipt of hard copy of PPOs from Army HQrs/Record Offices(ROs)/ Head of Offices may invariably be confirmed with e-PPO received through SFTP and payment may be released only if they are authorized to make payment by that e-PPO. In case, e-PPO shows that PDA is other agency e-PPO may not be acted upon.
    Addl.CDA (P)

    Friday, 16 November 2018



    Wednesday, 14 November 2018

    Improvement in Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula – NJCA

    Meeting of the NJCA on 19-11-2018 – New Delhi
    National Joint Council of Action
    4, State Entry Raod, New Delhi – 110055
    Dated: November 9, 2018
    All Members of the NJCA
    Sub: Meeting of the NJCA
    It has been decided to hold meeting of the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) on 19th November, 2018 from 16.00 Hrs. in JCM Officer, 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi, to take stock of the current situation in regard to non-settlement of major pending issues, viz.
    (i) Improvement in Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula
    (ii) No Progress in respect of NPS Covered Central Government Employees
    (iii) Other pending issues related to National and Departmental Anomalies.
    All of you are requested to make it convenient to attend the aforementioned meeting of the NJCA, so as to take the consensus decision for future course of action in the prevalent scenairo.
    With Fraternal Greetings,
    (Shiva Gopla Mishra)


    Tuesday, 13 November 2018

    Verification of Online Application for ECHS Cards by Record Office

    Central Organisation ECHS
    Adjutant General’s Branch
    Integrated Headquarters of
    MoD (Army),Maude Lines,
    Delhi Cantt- 110 010

    05 Nov 2018
    (All Record Offices (Army, Navy & Airforce)
    MP -5 / 6
    Coast Guard
    l. The process of making of new 64 Kb ECHS Card by an EX-Servicemen is initiated by the ESM by filling an online application form. ESM fills full details of self and dependents and uploads the required documents and photographs. Then ESM is required to make online payment through the payment gateway. Alter payment is made the application is visible to respective Record Offices for verification.
    2. The application is verified by the Record Office after which there is no human intervention and the Cards are automatically printed. Hence, incase incorrect data is uploaded emneously by the ESM and the same is verified by respective records then the Card is printed with wrong data e.g. Date of Birth. name etc. Once the ECHS Card with wrong data is used by the beneficiary in case of emergency, ESM may be for once denied treatment/admission by an empanelled hospital, which may have sever repercussion leading to litigation.
    3. A large number of complaints have been received from the environment where new 64 Kb Cards have been printed with wrong data. it is reiterated that although the onus to fill onlinc application for ECHS Card correctly is with the ESM but from the organizational point of view Record Office is the final authority to verify the correctness of all data including photo, PPO etc.
    4. In view of the above. it is requested that Records Offices may please ensure that all fields in the application form filled by the ESM for new 64 Kb ECHS Smart Card be scruitinized with delibration to ensure error free verification.
    5. This letter may please be put up to respective CROs.
    (Rakesh Kakar)
    Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)
    for MD ECHS

    Sunday, 11 November 2018



           List of anomalies, arising out of implementation of OROP and 7th CPC.
    There are very serious anomalies in all types of pensions of Honorary Commissioned Officers/ Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks and equivalence ranks of Navy and Air Force on implementation of One Rank One Pension(OROP) and 7th CPC which are not rectified so far. List of anomalies are as under. It requested that these points may please be included for AGM/GBM and after passing are to be forwarded to MoD for consideration:-
    (A)   New points:-
     1.     BENEFIT  OF  ACP/MACP  TO  POST  2006  RETIREES:- Benefit of ACP/MACP was not given to the Defence retirees those who were discharged between 01-01-2006 to 30-08-2008 as per 6th CPC orders. But after the Hon’ble Supreme Court Order now implementation order for Defence personals is issued wef. 01-01-2006 instead of 01-09-2008, Refer Army Implementation order vide GoI, MoD letter No. 14(1)/99-D(AG) dated 25 July 2018 regarding Assured Career Progression Scheme(MACPS) for PBORS of Army. So far no orders/ Circulars are out for EX-Servicemen of Army/Navy/Air Force.
    As OROP was inclusive of elements of MSP and X Group Pay if any effective from 01-07-2014 which was multiplied by 2.57 to arrive at the basic pension as applicable to 7th CPC under Option-2. The quantum of MSP for all PBOR except HCO’s under 6th CPC was 2000/- and X Gp pay for all PBOR if any were uniformity fixed at 1400/-.There were no division in the X Gp trades under 6th CPC.
    The revision of the above elements were carried out using MF 2.57 in such a manner that the resultant figure equals the figures approved by 7th CPC.(MSP 2000 X 2.57=5200/- and Group Pay 1400 X 2.57= 3600/-). As per 7th CPC Pay Rules for Army/Navy/ Air force X Group Pay have two categories of Diploma holders and Non- Diploma holder. A sum of 6200/- pm is sanctioned for Diploma holders recognized by AICTE and for Non- Diploma holders it is 3600/- pm so there is a difference of Rs.2600/- in basic Pay and half of it that is 1300/- pm should be counted towards Pension but this is not counted towards Option-2. This anomaly should be rectified at the earliest.
     3.     CONTINUOUS DOWN GRADATION OF  FINANCIAL  STATUS  OF  HCO’S:- Pay scales of Honorary Commissioned Officers is downgraded continuously during past Pay
    Commissions thus HCO’S are at great loss for Pay and Pensionary matters. Pay scales of HCO,s by virtue of length of service used to be more compared to Regular Commissioned Officers. Details are as under from 3rd CPC:-
              CPC                    RANK       RCO             HCO                  Remarks
      3rd CPC                 Capt        1020/-        1100/-      Much higher than Regular Officers.
     3rd CPC                  Lt             830/-        1000/-       Much higher than Regular Officers.
     4th CPC                 Capt         2800/-       3400/-       HCapt was drawing equal to Major.
     4th CPC                 Lt             2300/-       3300/-        Much higher than Regular Officers.
    5th CPC                 Capt          9600/-      10850/-        Much higher than Regular Officers.
    5th CPC                 Lt              8250/-      10500/-        Much higher than Regular Officers.
    6th CPC                Capt          24700/-     20190/-        Down gradation of HCO’s.
    6th CPC                Lt              21000/-      19530/-      Down gradation of HCO’s.
    7th CPC                Capt          65000/-       61200/-     This figure of HCO’s is for Post 2016.
    7th CPC                Lt              56100/-       56100/-     This figure of HCO’s is for Post 2016.
    Note:- Under 7th CPC there is No concept of Minimum Guaranteed Pension, thus newly retired Hony Lt’s and Hony Capt’s are getting less pension than their counterparts who retired in 3rd,4th,5th,6th CPC, thus Honorary Commissioned Officers are further down graded. As per e-ppo’s of Post 2016 retirees HCO’s are drawing less pension than Pre-2016 as under:-
    Rank             QS                             Post-2016                      Pre-2016            Loss
    Hony Lt        28 and above             35800/-                          41352/-           5552/-
    Hony Capt   28 and above             39300/-                           43716/-          5416/-

    4.     POST 2016 JCO’S ARE DRAWING LESS PENSION:- After implementation of 7th CPC due to less entry pay and due to common pay scales almost all Post- 2016 JCO’s are drawing less pension than Pre- 2016. This anomaly is very serious. Rates of Pre-2016 and Post-2016 retirees are as under:-
    Rank     Group          QS               Post-2016                        Pre-2016            Loss
    Sub           Y       28 to 29 yrs           ----                                31529/-
    Sub           Y       29.5 yrs                  ----                               32023/-
    Sub           Y       30 and above      26400/-                          32614/-             6214/-
    Sub Maj    Y      32 yrs                  28600/-                          33526/-             4920/- 
    Note:- Same way Post- 2016 retirees Nb Sub/Sub/ Sub Major and equivalent ranks of Navy and Air Force are also getting less pension than Pre-2016.

    (B)  OROP points not yet solved:-
                                                    ONE RANK ONE PENSION (OROP).
    1.     Rounding of Qualifying Service:- Refer Para 10 and 11 of PCDA(P) Circular No.555 dated 4th Feb, 2016 regarding Rounding of Qualifying Service. Qualifying Service is not uniform as per this Circular for Pre 22-04-1960, Post 22-04-1960 and Post 28-06-1983, so there are 03 Pensioners categories created now with same Rank, same Group and same length of service. While calculating the length of qualifying service for all types of pensionary benefits a fraction of a year equal to 03 months and above but less than
     09 months is treated as one half (1/2) year period, and 09 months or more but less than a year is treated as a completed one year for determining the amount of pension w.e.f. 28-06-1983. Prior to 28-06-1983, the broken period of service of 180 days or more is to be treated as one half (1/2) year wef. 22-04-1960. In view of above, if qualifying service has been mentioned as 17 years 10 months in PPO/Corr. PPO, it should be rounded up to 18 years for post 28-06-1983 retirees, 17.5 years for pre- 28-06-1983 up to 22-04-1960 and 17 years for pre- 22-04-1960 retirees. So likewise it is not One Rank One Pension for pre 30-06-2014.
     2.     Terms of Engagement:- Refer Para 7 and Appendix- X of PCDA (Pension) Circular No. 555 dated 4th Feb, 2016 regarding Term of Engagement in case of HCO’s/ JCO’s/ OR’s of Army/Navy/Air Force. The Terms of Engagement is different in three Services. Terms of Engagement implies “Maximum Qualifying Service for grant of Service Pension”. Terms of Engagement from time to time keeps changing. It should be uniform across the three sister services.
    3.     Anomalies in the Service Pension Tables of Regular and TA  Subedars:- Refer Service Pension table No. 7 and 8 of Circular No. 555, as per these tables Service
    Pension for the rank of Subedar Regular (Army/Navy/Air force) is less than the Subedar of Territorial Army (TA) as under:-

    Rank              QS                Group              Regular                  TA
    Subedar        28 to 29                  Y                        12268/-                  12660/-
    Subedar        29.5                         Y                        12460/-                  12660/-

    4.     Reservist Pensioners:- Refer Para 4, Sub Para 4.2 of PCDA(Pension) Circular No. 555 dated 4th Feb, 2016 regarding Non- Applicability of pension to Reservist Pensioners. In OROP this time Service Pension tables are prepared from 0.5 years onwards for all the ranks wef. 01-07-2014 except for Reservist Pensioners. Qualifying Service of a Reservist is always 10 years or more. There was no increase in the Service Pension of Reservists as per OROP. Their Pension was 3500/- in 6th CPC and now it is only 9000/- as per 7th CPC. It is suggested that Reservist Pension should be increased to the QS of 10 years for ‘Y‘ Group Sepoy ie. 6188/- as per OROP and if service is more than 10 years than it should be as per the table of Sepoy of ‘Y’ group as per Circular No. 555.
    5.     Base /Calendar Year:- Refer Para -3, sub Para -i of GoI, MoD, Dept. of Ex-Servicemen welfare letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)-part-II dated 7th Nov, 2015 regarding Base/Calendar year 2013 for Re-fixing pension for OROP. By doing this we are at loss by one increment.  Base/Calendar year should be 2014 instead of 2013.
     6.     Average of Minimum and Maximum Pension:- Refer Para -3, sub Para -ii of GoI, MoD, Dept. of Ex-Servicemen Welfare letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)-part-ii dated 7th Nov, 2017 regarding Re-Fixation of all pensioners on the basis of the average of Minimum and Maximum pension of personnel retired in 2013. Pensions of all Pre- 30-06-2014 pensioners should be Re-fixed on the basis of Maximum Pension of personnel retired in 2014 instead of 2013 for OROP.
     7.     Seniority in the ranks not maintained:- Refer any tables of PCDA (Pension) Circular No. 555 dated 04th Feb, 2016 for JCO’s/OR’s seniority of the ranks is not at all  maintained. In some cases pension is same from 15 years to 28 years of Qualifying Service. Pension tables of all JCO’s / OR’s should be again re-computed for arriving at correct pension.
    8.     Equalization of Pension after five years:- Refer Para-3, sub Para-V of GoI, MoD, Dept. of Ex-Servicemen welfare letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)-Part-ii dated 7th Nov, 2015 regarding equalization of pension after five years. True meaning of OROP is that a pensioner of same Rank, same Group and same length of Service should draw same pension in three sister services. This is only possible when pension is equalized every year.
     9.      ACP-I/II/III benefit:- Refer Para-11, sub Para- a), b) and C) of PCDA(Pension) Circular No. 555 dated 4th Feb, 2016 regarding grant of ACP benefits. As per above Circular Hony Naik, Hony Havildar and Hony Naib Subedar have separate tables for all types of Pensions, where as for Post-2006 retirees if ACP is granted to them their pension is revised as per the tables of Naik, Havildar and Naib Subedar. ACP I/II/III benefit should also be extended to all Pre- 2006 Hony Naiks, Hony Havidars and Hony Naib Subedars as like ACP Naiks / ACP Havildars and ACP Naib Subedars.
     (C)  7th CPC points not yet solved:-
                                                7th CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION
    1.       Incorrect calculations of Entry Level Pay of JCO’s and equivalence in Navy and Air Force.
     a)    The existing system of Pay Band and Grade Pay of 6th CPC has been replaced with separate Pay Matrices for Defence, Military Nursing Service and Civilians personnel in 7th CPC from 01.01.2016 onwards.
     b)    Fixation of Pay of each employee in the new Pay Matrix as on 01.01.2016 has been revised by multiplying his/ her basic pay (Pay in the Pay Band + Grade Pay) by a factor of 2.57.
    c)       In each Pay Level (Rank Level) a MF of 2.57 for Havildar and below, 2.62 for JCO,s and 2.67 for Hony Lt to Brigadier was applied on Basic Pay + Grade Pay of 6th CPC to determine Entry Level Pay.
    d)    Entry Pay to any pay band could either be through an upward movement from lower pay band or through direct entry. While pay of a person moving from a lower pay band to a higher one on promotion would be regulated by the pay fixation formulation prescribed (pay was fixed at the minimum of the pay band plus grade pay).
     e)     Refer Para 5.1.19 for rationalization applied in Present Pay structure is at Table No. 4 (Copy enclosed) of 7th CPC report.
     f)      Prior to 7th CPC there used to be separate scale for “X” and “ Y” group of same ranks of JCO’s and even separate scales for the same equivalence rank of Army, Navy and Air Force also.
     g)    7th CPC brought in new formula of Common Pay Scales for each Pay Level (Rank Level) for all the “X” and “Y” Groups.
      h)    For Entry Level Pay there is a loss to JCO’s in calculation with MF of 2.62 on minimum pay level awarded (copy attached)
     i)       Real time loss in calculation of Entry Level Pay for JCO’s is as under:-

                            RANK                             Group                 Entry Pay             LOSS
       N Sub/ CPO/ JWO                   X / Y             41100 – 35400 =       5700/-
       Sub/ MCPO-2/ WO                 X / Y             46200 -  44900 =      1300/-
       Sub Maj/ MCPO-1/ MWO      X / Y             49000 -  47600 =     1400/- 
    Note:- Highest entry level of X Group pay + grade pay of 6th CPC is to be taken for calculation of entry level.                 

    2.     Revision of Pension as per First formulation (Option-1):-                        Refer Para-4 of GoI, MoD, Dept.of Ex-Servicemen Welfare letter No.17(01)/2017(02)/D(Pension/Policy) dated 5th Sept,2017 regarding revision of pension of pre-2016 as per Formulation-1 (Option-1) and Para-3 of PCDA(Pension) Circular No. 585 also for Formulation-1. But as per Para- 4.1 of PCDA(Pension) Circular No. 570 pensions of all pre 2016 was revised by multiplying the Basic
    Pension (before Commutation) / Basic Family Pension (exclusive of Dearness Relief) as had been drawn as on 31-12-2015 by 2.57 to arrive as revised pension as per Formulation-2 (Option-2). So benefit of OROP was given in Option-2, but as per the Annexture-1 of PCDA (Pension) Circular No. 585 and PCDA(P) Circular No. 608 dated 26-10-2018 for Commissioned Officer/JCO’s/OR’s there is no benefit to almost 99% and the benefit of OROP will not be given to pre- 01-07-2014 retirees. In view of above it is suggested that instead of notionally computing the pension as per 6th CPC scales it should be revised taking the OROP scales / 6th CPC scales as drawn on 31-12-2015 like it was done as per PCDA (Pension) Circular No. 570 for Formulation-2 (Option-2).
                                                                                 Complied by
                                                                                  Nar Singh Dass
                                                                                 Hony S/LT (MCPO-1)
                                                                     General Secretary (Pension)
                                                         All India Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association.
    Encl:- 1) Table 4 : Rationalization Applied in the 6th CPC Pay Structure.
              2) Details of incorrect calculation of Entry Level Pay for JCO’s.

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