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  • Tuesday, 17 February 2015


    Dear Members

    Further to the information given in the report of rally held on 1 Feb 15. On 1 Feb 15 a delegation of 30 ESM including four veernaris met RM at Kotah house. RM had promised to take action on OROP latest by 17 Feb 15. 

    IESM has a good news for you. Your dream of OROP has moved a step closer to its approval. 

    As promised by RM to IESM delegation that he will personally monitor the progress on OROP.  True to his promise he has chaired a meeting today of OROP action committee. The meeting was attended by CGDA,DESW, MOD and Army pay cell Maj Gen Aggarwal and Col Pruthi. Col Rathore also attended the meeting. It is confirmed that OROP file has finally reached MOD.
    Following decisions have been taken in the meeting today 17 Feb 15.  
    1. OROP will be as per approved definition.
    2. In most of cases ESM will get fixed at highest of their rank pay band. 
    3. OROP equalization will be done annually. 
    4. Some issues of Major's pension are under discussion and will be sorted out soon.  
     RM gave special instructions to Gen Aggarwal to inform Gen Satbir singh about this development. Gen Aggarwal informed IESM asap he came out of the meeting. File is under final scrutiny and preparation and file will be dispatched to MOF on 23 Feb as RM is going to attend Annual Aero Show at Bangaluru from 17 to 22 Feb.

    CGDA has already issued circular no 536 giving increase in pension of widows w.e.f. 24 Sep 12. This circular fixes the pension of widow at 60% of the pension of the ESM as given in circular 500. Widows will get this enhanced pension from 24 Sep 2012. They will further get arrears from 1 Jan 2006 as and when the MOD issues such instructions. 

    Dear Members hold your celebration till budget. We will finally come to know how much funds get allotted for OROP in this years budget and will raise a toast for OROP on that day.

    IESM salutes sincerity of RM Sh Manohar Parrikar. He is a man of his words. He had promised action on OROP by 17 Feb and he has executed it. 
    Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
    Gen Sec IESM
    Block N5, Flat no 801
    Narmada Block
    Pocket D6, Vasant Kunj
    New Delhi. 110070
    Mobile   09810541222


    1. We Veterans would like to thanks to our Hon'ble RM for keeping his promise and keen interest shown by him to resolve the issue at pace. Also for his sincere efforts and dedication, we are grateful to him.


    2. Respected sir. Now finally we hearing good news from the media regarding implementation of OROP. I thank you sir publishing the updates, which is very helpful to the ex-serviceman community. RK Nair, Pondicherry. email: reshma_renjith@yahoo.co.in cell- 094425 77873

    3. dear sir,
      OROP is applicable on ordinary family pension

    4. i agree. thank you PM AND RM aND FM

    5. Bureaucratic decisions in India is a big ENIGMA. So lets wait till your full entitlement is credited in your account. And lets not laud our present RM. He is simply doing his duty the way we have done in service and that to in much more complex atmosphere..

    6. As I understand, family pension of exservicemen is less than four thousand figures in respect of most of the pbors (having twenty years of service or less) who, in real term, has sacrificed their youth for this nation. People (janata) are not aware of this crucial financial conditions of widow of exservicemen which is suppressed by the govt machineries. They have never heard the cry of such community as no media has made any coverage of such pathetic plight till now. However, this is evident from the submission made by four lady representatives (virnaris) during the meeting with defence minister on 1.2.15. Such pension of merely three-four thousand, in any way, can not fulfill the basic requirements of livings in addition to children education, payment of rent etc. Hon'ble supreme court has already given the dateline for orop implementation and the present govt has also taken necessary steps for its implication. Now time has come for iesm to raise it's voice for enhancement of family pension to a satisfactory level so that after demise, Exservicemen's family need not to starve or beg for someone's help.

    7. N K Vaishnav, Ex-Sgt.18 February 2015 at 23:09

      Respected sir. After a long struggle, we are hearing good news from the media in NEWS form, regarding implementation of OROP. Thanks to whole team, who fight for the ex-serviceman community. With warm regards to all, Ex-Sgt N K Vaishnav.

    8. After hearing today budget report which is shocking for ex servicemen.no mention about orop.it means PM ,RM & FM solong, are bluffing to poor fauji.BJP is also untrustable.ex jwo rps 28 feb 2015 at 1530 hrs

    9. Since 1983 defence people are looking forward to ONOP. At last now we can see the ray of hope. I wish my Father late Major S.K. Bhattacharjee had been alive. Any way atleast my mother will get the benefit and so every one else. Thanks to all the veterans who fought for our rights. My salute to them. But I have a query. Do we need to intimate anything to the bank or pension cell regarding this or automatically revised pension will come in our account? Thanks & Regards. Gautam Bhattacharjee

    10. Sir is OROP applicable to yhose ESM also who retire on or after Sep 2013

    11. Govt says OROP is on top priority. We all have understood what Govt means by that. First it was declared by end of April OROP would be implemented and in the first week of May first instalment would be released. Then in the budget session and now when NDA Govt completes one year. Now just wait and watch what Arun Jately, Manohar Parrikar and our prime minister has to say. But dear all we are not going to get OROP in this year. Because OROP is at the bottom of the priority list. If fund has been allotted then why they are holding it instead of releasing the same.

    12. Govt is too slow in implementing OROP. It does not have that charm any more.

    13. Govt must follow SC for pre-2006, OROP has yet to be ordered, Dharana and gheraov are only solution as our FATHEROF THE NATION DID. gOVTIS SIMPLY PLAYING ,REMEMBER THEIR EXISTANCE ISMUCH SHORTERTHAN US.

    14. We are all thinking too much about NDA govt but not that much why so, If Political Leaders what thier payments to be increased without any objections why not Indian Military soilders of three armed forces like. Vishureddy of Ichapuram

    15. One of the definitions of "Mirage" in Oxford dictionary inter alia is "illusory thing" There cannot be any other word more appropriate to define "OROP" which has given the illusion of "Sheet of water" yonder in desert for over 30 long years. This illusory carrot has been dangled infront of the "Donkeys"that we the Veterans are mde to look by the Powers that be from time to time irrespective of the political hue that they wear.
      Assurance agalore came forth from the Hon Pesident of India down to the lowest in the governmental heirarchy.
      The Hon. PM thunderousely roared from the ramparts of Red Fort that OROP is his awowed commitment and it will be implemented at the EARLIEST.
      And every "M"s like FM/RM and minor "M"s from concerned/"unconcerned ministries echoed this umpteen times.
      Now the mantra is "wait, will be done" How long , sir? is 14 months inadequate to implement?
      We have had enough. One party for over three decades promised that OROP will be implemented. I am not forgeting MOS Mr. Pallam Raju's out right rejection of OROP as he considered it "not possible and feasible" I am not also forgeting the dubious contribution by the IAS Officer Chadrasekhr who headed a committee to go in to the matter and recomended against granting of OROP in full.
      The present RM, I think has put in his best to solve the issue; so did he said in many interviews. Yet he too is unable to give a fail free date of implementation, Why? There lyes the crux of the matter. If rumours floating around are any indication OROP will not see the light of the day in the near future. It is rumoured that the file containg the final "table " prepared by MOD had been tossed back by Min. of Fin. 5 times.Surprisingly it was done from a ministry whose minister was also RM before the present incumbant. What a pity? All had been asking RM about OROP, he has made his part clear .Now start asking FM about delay
      He is now answerable to veterans
      From PM down every minster says believe it will be done. No Sir, we have lost hope and cannot believe any one any more..
      I retired at the age of 33 and I am 79 now how long more all of you want me to
      wait? For another 33 years. I f you assure I will live that long . will wait happily.
      I think that the Babus are the hurdle in the spoke. What I suggest is that send these Babus to the LOC for three months in the rank of ordinary soldier. Let them experience what is the life of a soldier and if he still feels that veterans dont deserve OROP we shall resign to our fate.
      JWO Sukumaran (retd)

    16. OROP definition has been stated in 2011 by Koshiyar committe. Then on what basis PM is saying they are still knowing the definition of OROP. Till date then how they were working on the modalities. If they were consulting with the defense, then without knowledge how chief of Army staff OROP will be implemented by end of April and DM kept on saying OROP soon. This is really fishy.

    17. Hon.PM;s Mann ki baath is the clear pointer thar OROP is unlikely to be implemented in the near future. His apprehension a) many definitions b) elected for 5 years and not for one year c) wait for some more time read with the statement of RM viz inter ministerial procedure will take time and his refusal to give a firm date for implementation portend unmistakable intension of the govt. of protracted procrastination result of which will most likely be abandoning OROP for which the bureaucrats will enthusiastically invent reasons afresh. We have already seen the writing on the wall when they are whispering about likelihood of civilians/para military orgs.et al claiming OROP.
      The PM says, that OROP is yet to be defined properly. Unfortunately, sir, Samuel Johnson who defined a net as “Any thing reticulated or decussated, at equal distances, with interstices between the intersections cannot be recalled to define OROP as he is no more.
      Perhaps, the PM/FM//DM will be satisfied with Dr.Johnsons definition of PENSION. That will give them enough reason to deny OROP. Dr.Johnson defined PENSION as” : An allowance made to any one without an equivalent. In England it is generally understood to mean pay given to a state hireling for treason to his country. Substitute India for England, there you have reason. As per new definition OROP must not be implemented. So simple, is it not ?
      The RM says that the calculation is very complicated and has consumed considerable amount of time.
      Simple, sir, hand the task over to CDAs where clerks can do it for you in a week’s time.
      The Nautangi has gone on for decades. It is time now to put an end to this new Shakespearean Tragi-Comedy.
      FM of ear lier regime allocated a whopping 500 crores for OROP so that veteran can enjoy a”chatang” of pea nuts per month during winter. Then comes another FM cum RM who enhances to a princely sum of 2000 crores so that Ex Jawans can buy 30 ml of Jawan XXX Rum from a pub once in a month..
      We believed that our new PM has the empathy and sympathy for those who kept vigil on the borders, sky and ocean to ensure safety to all. Shall we to presume that all the postures and rhetoric were theatrics ? ; meant to temporarily to paint a purely illusory cision?
      I , for one, still believe in the honesty of my PM and RM and sincerely hope that we will no more be treated as toilet paper any more.
      Please make OROP a reality by downing the curtains on current controversies.
      JWO (Flt.Sgt) Sukumaran (retd)

    18. OROP – who is playing politics?
      As per News channel reports, On 6th June 2015, Lt.Gen. Raj Kadiyan, Maj.Gen. Satbir singh and others met the RM with a view to finding a solution to the OROP implementation. As expected, no solution could be churned out from the meeting. Details of the meeting are yet to be published. However, the channel scrolling that the proposed Rally on June 14 at JantarMantar followed by Hunger Strike on 15 June confirmed that the talks once again failed.
      While veterans are forced to fight for their honor and social status , OROP has become the long playing reality show where every political actor is vying with each other to win best comedian award.
      Politicians of all colors appear on TV screen and make bizarre claims about their contribution in making OROP a reality and some actors blame how the other denied OROP.
      Spokesperson of Congress Mr. Tom Vadakkan tom tommed that UPA 2 sanctioned and cleared all hurdles on the path of implementation of OROP by allocating Rs.500 crores as early as Feb 2014 with the firm resolve to actually implement the same from April 1, 2014. Ha ha ha what a joke!!!!! Please wait..More hilarious performances re to follow.
      Samajvadi spokesman , Mr. Saurav Bhatia, whose party’s contribution towards this issue tried his best to get political milage by blaming BJP and not uttering even a word about the then ruling party, congress. His advice to BJP is that they must take time to read their own election manifesto. Hypocracy, thy name is political opportunism. This reminds me of an anecdote involving satirist poet of Malayalam language with no parallel Kunjan Nambiar who in the assembling of sychophants on the occasion ofwhile inaugural of a light house by the king said “ DEEPA STAMBHAM MAHAACHARYAM; ENIKKUM KITTANAM PANAM’ which translated would mean :LIGHT HOUSE IS AGREAT WONDER; I TOO MUST GET REWARD”
      Then came the epitomical performance of Vice President of Congress party, the one and the only savior of “Poova Sainiks” Rahul Gandhijee whose jibe “Ex-servicemen agitate and the PM is doing Yoga” His heart bleeds and tears got dried because his pet project of OROP is not implemented by BJP. Mr Junior Gandhi the crocodiles of Sunderbans in WB are committing mass suicide because they are left with no more tears to shed as you have stolen entire quantity from them for the sake of showing solidarity with veterans. Before blaming anyone can you introspect for a second and retrieve from memory the pronouncement made by former FM and present Hon. President of India in budget session of parliament? Which was the year Rahuljee? What about the statement by the then RM Sri AK antony?
      How was Sri Chidambaram going to implement OROP with Rs.500 Crores?
      Do you remember your own election speech in UP when you said that OROP has been implemented and veterans have stated enjoying the benefit of the scheme. Also your mother Smt Soniajee echoed the same version in her election speech just a day after yours? And yet you blame the PM?
      I am not justifying the delay nor condoning the negligence on the part of the Government which includes the PM and all those who are involved.
      The present Govt cannot go back on its promise given to the veterans on various occasions and as late as PM’s Man ki Baath speech.
      The moot question that remains unanswered . What prevents the Govt from giving a definite date of implementation? Who are those who act as hurdles in the spokes ? Veterans want an answer for this.
      No nation in the world would treats its veterans so contemptuously as is being done in our country.
      Please remember that a country who treats its veterans who guarded the nation at the risk of their life is not worth existing.
      Our appeal to the PM is “Please do not make us behave like labor unions” We want to lead our life as most disciplined citizens but with honor.
      JWO (retd) Sukumaran RV

    19. ESM have been on relay HS over a month. Today the rally at Bengaluru is succesfully conducted; yet I think the agitaion is not getting as much co-operation expected of ESM.Perhaps the sense of discipline inculcated in them during service period is preventing their active involvement. But it is time to show solidarity. I understand many ESM are in their 70s and 80+ and they cannot be asked to undergo physical strain for longer period of time.I feel that we adopt different modes of agitation. One suggestion is that in order to make it a pan Indian activity we may consider a Human Chain of ESM to Eastr To West and North to South on a day at a fixed time lasting for 15 minutes, activists and sympathisers also may join hands. The human chain should block the national highways for a period of 15 minutes so that movements come to a stand still.This is a suggestion for considerationj of AFVAI office bearers. It is time to intensify the agitation and ensure maximum participation of ESM. The suggestio with proper motivation, in my opinion , will surely ensure involvement of max number of ESM ; becuase the physical strain to the seniors will be minimal and so that they would willingly involve themselves.
      JWO (retd) Sukumaran RV

    20. Very interesting points you have noted, regards for posting.