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  • Monday, 3 August 2015


    Dear Veterans, 
    As all of you know that we PBORs are being discriminated and cheated by our political leaders and bureaucrats’ right from 1973 and again in Jan 2006 when the report of 6 CPC was published. So many methods adopted which resulted the pension of PBORs of all the three forces was short fixed. Below mentioned main problems in our pension are:-
    1. Pension of PBORs of all the three forces linked with 33 year qualifying service, while no such orders exist that pers from sep to Sub Maj. and equivalent in other forces can serve for 33 years.
    2. Retirees who got Hon ranks after retirement are not getting pension of that rank but being given small amount with pension of previous rank. It should have been changed as in the case of officers.
    3. Different methods are adopted for calculating the pensions which caused PBORs Of three forces are under heavy financial loss since 1973 and 2006.
    4. Military service pay should be given equal to all ranks of Army, Navy and Air force.
    5. Pension of widows is very less, these great women running door to door for fulfill their daily requirement, No arrangements are made for their children's life.
    6. Same problems being faced by the disabled soldiers of all the three forces. So dear veteran above mentioned problems are only pension related, there are some other problems also like job, self employment, ECHS and CSD canteen facilities etc.
    To solve above mentioned problems we have decided that we must stand on our own feet. We should not expect others to help us as they have done nothing for our welfare.
    Keeping above problems in mind we have registered a association for JCOS, ORS and Hon commissioned Offers (equivalent in Navy and Air Force) Named ARMED FORCES VETERAN ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (AFVAI) on all INDIA LEVEL.
    It is my humble request to all concerned vets and respected widows to to join your own org (AFVAI) and assist to solve our problems.
    Thanking you.
    With best Respect and Regards.
     G S SIDHU 
    Mob. - 09810233443

    AFVAI TAMIL NADU CONVENER Mr.Mohana Rangan addressing RHS at JM on 04/08/2015

    1. If GOI decides to implement OROP for PBORs on the basis of their group X and Y, will it be considered as dilution from the OROP already approved by the parliament or not?

    2. If it is a dilution, then what would be the stand of UFFXSM?

    3. Will the UFFXSM stand by PBORs to reject such a proposal outright and continue with the agitation until the dilution is rectified?
    4. If it is not a dilution, then what exactly UFFXSM mean by 'dilution'?
    Ex-Sgt. M Prabhakaran 

    Dated: 05 AUG 2015
    Dear Friends,

    1. We are in our 52nd day of Relay Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar and at more than 50 locations across the country for Non-Implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) inspite of its sanction by the Govt more than 17 months ago.

    2. While the “Jathas” of ESM are coming from various states for the Relay Hunger Strike, we need a sizeable member of ESM and our supporters to be present at the relay Hunger Strike locations to encourage them and also to showcase solidarity to the cause of “Justice to the Soldiers”. May we request for volunteers to assist the management of relay Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar.

    3. May we also request all ESM residing in and around NCR to visit Jantar Mantar every day to ensure a sizeable presence?

    4. Let us all join to strengthen the Protest Movement across the country.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)
    Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen & Chairman IESM
    Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-41105


    1. This is a step way forward.All JCOs/ORs should come under this banner and put fwd their voice for anomalies in pay and pension,exploitation by officers of JAWANs in the service and working against the preamble " service before self by majority officers. Even while championing the case for OROP officers have targetted lion share here too. Remember if OROP materializes with its present status Officers are going to accrue from 10000 to 20000 whereas JCOs/ORs only from 500 to 1700. JCOs/Ors should not fall prey of traps / tricks laid by officers.

    2. GS Sidhu ji (Gen Secy), AFVAI, I agree with your comments for the welfare of PBOR. Actually, political leaders and our own some Chamchas cheat us. I salute you for praiseworthy step taken by you to organize AFVAI. What will be procedure for joining the same. We are all with you.

    3. Dear Sidhu Sahib,
      It appears someone not connected to our defence fraternity are playing heavily against the interest of veterans and are out to defeat the orop struggle of exservice.men and trying to create divide between officers,JCOs and ORs.My best wishes to AFVAI formation but please act in line with UFESM achieve the goal.

    4. Dear Siddhu Sir , We ate with u congratulations .

    5. I request the AFVAI may join with the pettioners of full parity case to initiate the contempt of court proceedings against the govt.Thanks.

    6. If you are divided over OROP then FORGET ABOUT IT AS THE POLITICIANS & BEAUROCRATS want the same.I think YOUR ORGANIZATION should work with IESM to get it sanctioned without any further delay.

    7. Yes sir you are correct let us make a yathra to full india to come undet one imbarla

    8. How to become a member ? Explain d procedure.

    9. Yesterday I had posted a few lines with some suggestions but seems it went off the track and lost somewhere. Anyhow I wish to congratulate u for ur keen interest ever since u took over as Gen Sec.I have been visiting JM twice a week and I always saw u there.This Sunday some developments were taking place at the other end.The aim and objectives are same to achieve OROP . AFVAI will definitely grow under the guidance of active office bearers .Point no 4 raised by u in your writeup is praiseworthy. MSP should be same for officers JCO ORs.Good luck for the years to come.LONG LIVE AFVAI. Ex Sgt.Ravinder Rawat intake 131 AF Stn Sambre

    10. The So Called leaders of veterans have already agreed to different pension for X and Y group but why they have agreed it must be answered by them. This is the right time to sort out this issue otherwise once it is approved it will be again a long agitation for all of us.
      Ex Sgt Mukesh Vaid , Amritsar

    11. The government finally succeeded in dividing the exservicemen movement. Now we can forget OROP for the Services.

    12. Don't quarrel now ! U have age and plenty of time to do all that u want ,including amplified and Intensive agitations of u taste. Don't weaken present agitation by surfacing differences.

    13. Mr Modi and his teams are bastards as these culprits have no Ears and Eyes to Listen and see the real problems of the Persons who are Guarding our Nation from various threats. Bureaucrats Dogs/Bitches are taking maximum advantages on this issues. In near future India will ruin like anything then only these bastards will learn the value of Soldiers. Taliban, ISIS are planning to attack and capture India in near future. I hate Bastgard Bureaucrat Dogs/Bitches and Politicians in my life. Nothing to write more. Sad to say that Jai Hind, Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan all slogans are just shows only. Please do not mind to my wording. Actual things is actual things. Yesterday Modi and his team has approved OROP to judges but no time to see the problems of Ex Serviceman and their families as Ex Serviceman and families with the age group of 85 to 95 are in Relay Hunger strike for more than 52 days. Shameful to the Nation as the Masin persons are roaming like anything for their own legitimate entitlements and demanding some peanuts as money to maintain the dignity and value

    14. dear sirs,

      gen secretary has taken step in the right direction not to dilute OROP in terms of X and Y group, even in service no gallantry medals are given to OR. all medals are distributed among officers, even not a single deserve for that, it is because the officers has got unbridled power to decide upon. in the service maximum punishments given to OR for not disobeying the legitimate order, but if any sepoy does not want to work as batman for the officer, they would be tried under different army act unrelated to the offences committed, even officers send the jawans as working party to their relatives illegally. every officer is privileged to have one jawan to work as house servant. jawans die officers get medals. sir you plan to meet our PM to highlight all the real problems faced by jawans either in service of after service. very happy news do something for other rank brothers

    15. The IESM is responsible to the ESM and their demands were projected by them. They are the stake holders and none of the happenings in the RM/FM decisions/discussions were conveyed to the IESM. But we keep hearing that the stake holders are being consulted by the government. It seems that the government is trying to break the bondage between the POBR and officers by planting stories that the officers will be fat gainers if the OROP is given as per the universally accepted definition. The proof of pudding is in eating, let the government come out with the OROP with the accepted definition and we will see the actual facts. In fact, we all will gain with what the current serving personal are getting. The government is not coming with the fact that the serving POBR are currently paid far less than they deserve and will be getting lesser pension on their retirement. This anomaly must be corrected in the 7th CPC even if it's final report is delayed by an year. All said and done any more delay in announcing the OROP will cost the government dearly. The serving Armed Forces personal already are aware that they are being treated as a second rate citizens on various counts. Just imagine a regiment of men with more veteran parents get out of control agitating in support of the veterans. That will start a chain reaction of dissent across the Armed Forces, ultimately it may result in an unprecedented mutiny against the government leading into its fall for the first time in free India. For different reasons the British experienced similar bloody mutiny by the Sepoys in the pre independence era.


    16. Successive governments in the last 4 decades have claimed that OROP was untenable and meeting it would cost a bomb. The anomaly was created by the 5th and 6th Pay Commissions. The Congress had promised OROP in its poll manifesto in 2004. However, the UPA government rejected the OROP demand in December 2008, after which the ESM returned their gallantry medals to the President. Following protracted protests, a committee was set up under Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar to review the OROP issues. On the panel’s suggestion, the Centre has now agreed to substantially hike the pension of JCOs and other ranks. The pension of such personnel who retired before 10 October, 1997 will be brought at par with the pension of those retired after that date. The pension of those who retired before 1 January, 2006 — including the 1997 group — will be substantially hiked to come close to those who retired after the cut-off date of 1 January, 2006. This is not OROP but near parity. Soldiers rightfully deserve better than this after the sacrifices they make. The government needs to address this trust deficit in all earnest. Half-hearted measures won’t help.

    17. Sidhu sir ur steps are commendable.my heartly support with AFVAI.thanks n regards.DD sharma Haldwani Nainital Uttrakhand

    18. Matter is not of division over OROP but the right just should be in financial matters and welfare schemes of PBOR (ESM). Look the difference of MSP, it pains. At the time of discharge, PBOR contribute Rs 500/- and 300/- for registration to seek employment information to get job in civil through the nearest station HQs but we find here a lot of vacancies in security guards with negotiation of 12 hours duties
      on daily basis in a small salary.. These agencies are being run by our own retd officers. I don't want to explain more as everybody knows the facts. I am very thankful to Mr GS Sidhu (Gen Secy) who felt our pain by organizing the AFVAI.

      on daily basis in a small salary. We are exploited here also. It is only my hint, everybody knows the facts but there is no our access. I am very thankful to Mr GS Sidhu ji (Gen Secy) who felt the pain of ESM (PBOR) by organizing the AFVAI.

    19. Dear All
      OROP is taking unpleasant twists and turns.
      It would horrifying if this creeps in to Serving Forces.
      I humbly appeal to Our Hon'be PM to speedily
      Resolve and save further damage Sir.

    20. No expectation from this pay commission, as well.

    21. If the service officers are selfishly projecting only themselves and neglecting the PBORs then the time has come to project the fact in front of the whole world. The last three Successive pay commissions have proved that there is no one to listen the PBORs.
      The matter can be brought to the notice of the United Nations and all the developed nations. The injustice with the PBORs can not go for the long.

    22. Undoubtedly the PBORs have always been overlooked by the previous Pay Commissions.Be the matter of various facilities or settlements pay scales,the officers have projected themselves and not PBORs.As a result a few Associations have taken a birth to raise their voice in support of continued negligence of PBORs.And I am happy that they are doing well.

    23. If the selfish attitudes of our officers continue, then we can do the followings:-
      (a) Approach to different MPs with all relevant documents so that the matter can be raised in the Parliament.
      (b) Flood the social medias with the true pictures.
      (c) Approach to developed nations for their help.
      (d) Internet can be a great help.
      (e) we can take the help of various NGOs

    24. My benefits of joining in the Indian Armed Forces:-
      (a) I was an OR in the service and still an OR after my retirement also.
      (b) Being a diploma qualified person enjoyed the salaries in the lowest pay band starting from joining to leaving the service.
      (c) Although a diploma qualified person but I was called a Fitter in the service and after my retirement also I am still a Fitter. The ex-servicemen board issued me i-card endorsing that.
      (d) Whether OROP or pay commission, I will be benefited very less.
      (e) Trained on two highly sophisticated aircraft, but can't use those experiences, as there is related job vacancy. My present qualification makes me non eligible for a security guard or peon's job.
      (f) Very very less pension.
      (g) A complete traumatized and a highly demoralised ex-serviceman

    25. How many officers retire in the rank of Lt, Capt or Major? How many officers retire at the age of 35-37 years? It is the JCOs/Os who retire at the age of 35-37 years. The service headquarters will always fight for the pay and pension increase for the ranks of Lt Col, Col or Brigadiers because these are the ranks in which maximum numbers of officers retire and once their pay and pension is creased the upper hierarchy will be automatically benefited. So, I request the ex-servicemen associations to fight for the pay and pension increase of the lowest rank only. The ranks placed above them will be automatically benefited.

    26. During pre-independence British era, we had whites and the Indians and now we have the officers and the men in the Armed Forces. We got the freedom but the powers only transferred from the white hands to the brown hands and the laws remain the same. British used to take care of their officer’s welfare selfishly and resorted to various disciplinary policies of the subordinate ranks only. I hope, we are not abiding by the same mentality even after 67th years of independence also. We are a completely independent country now. We must feel proud to be an Indian. Why to follow age old Act and rules? Can’t we move forward with our own sets of rules? Aristocratic rules have no place in a flight safety atmosphere. Same way, suppression and oppression also have no place in a democratic country. Equality, opportunity and respect for each and every citizens of this country can only make us a strong global power. What is the purpose of purchasing those costly flying machines or weapons if the soldiers who will operate or maintain those have low morale, sense of prejudice or a sense of neglect? The good politicians and the bureaucrats must step in at the earliest, for the sake of the country’s prosperity, safety and security.

    27. 1. I have understood that nothing is going to be changed unless there is an urgent intervention by the developed nations.

      2. The country is still following the colonial mindset and some country might have vested interests that we continue to do so. Unless they think for us, we are not going to be benefited by any means. That is what I think so.