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 Ex-soldiers burn effigies of PM, FM, Defence Minister for OROP delay
Ex-soldiers burn effigies of PM, FM, Defence Minister for OROP delay
Ex-servicemen burns an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in protest against the delay in implementation of the One Rank, One Pension scheme at the Dasehra Ground in Mohali on Monday. A Tribune photograph
Dear Veterans,
Today is 34 day of RHS at JM. The mood is upbeat and morale is sky high. Jathas after Jathas are coming from all over India for observing RHS and to fight against injustice heaped on ESM. ESM from Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bhopal, Mangalore, Reva, Bhopal, Chhindwara, all dist of Punjab and Haryana, HP, Uttar Khand, Jammu and Kashmir, UP, Bihar and even WB have participated in RHS. Supporters have come from all states to raise morale of ESM on RHS and organisers. ON AN AVERAGE MORE THAN 30 ESM ARE OBSERVING RHS EVERYDAY. ON SOME DAYS WE HAD MORE THAN 100 ESM ON RHS.

Organisers morale is high because veterans are contributing with large heart for the agitation and to offset the expenditure of agitation. It is for information of all that on an average exp at the venue is around Rs 25000/ per day. Full account of donations received and expected expenditure will be put on net in a day or two. 
Some veterans who have never shown their face at JM and have never helped in administration and who are working on behest of forces inimical to success of OROP are spreading unpleasant information of happenings at JM. We request all veterans to be careful and give them a suitable reply by coming to JM in large numbers and see the upbeat mood of organisers and ESM observing fast. This will give you real time situation at JM. 
RHS is becoming stronger as the days go by, resolve of organisers and participants is hardening and they will not stop this agitation till OROP letter is issued.

UFESM have only one complaint with ESM in NCR (Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon) that they are not participating and are not even coming to support the ESM on RHS. Friends One can not achieve OROP by sitting in drawing rooms and criticizing the agitation. This trend of thinking that if OROP will come we will also get it, why go to JM in this humid and hot weather, does not behove a soldier. For your information Intelligence bureau man sits at JM every day on duty and he has commented that ESM population in NCR region is more than 2 lacs then why strength at JM does not not cross even 100 at times. He is sending IB report with pictures thrice a day. Friends we can not get OROP by staying at home, we will have to take trouble of leaving air conditioned comfort of home and come to JM to support and show solidarity with fasting ESMs. This will send a strong message to North and South block and only then they will agree to clear OROP. 
Veteran Anna Hazare has given his consent to come from Ralegaon Maharashtra to come in support of the agitating ESM at JM on 26 July but our friends at Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon can not find time to come to JM or should I say that they are too lazy to venture out in this heat.


Gen Satbir Singh


  1. The ESM is driven to the extent of burning the effigies of the top leaders of BJP. WhaT next, can you imagine the ESM going on rampage? The government must learn to work fast on important issues, if not it is a failure. Transperancy of governance means giving a timeline to fulfil the job in hand, good governance is acting as per promises and delivering in time. On both counts this is a totally failed government.

  2. Pension not paid, AFT gears up to attach MoD’s property. It has become the habit of the PCDA not to take action on the Orders/Judgements of the AFT/Hon'ble High Courts and even the Apex court. Now AFT rightly issued Show Cause Notice to MoD as to why property of the Defence Accounts Department’s office should not be attached and auctioned on July 15 to pay disability pension to soldiers. The SC too must adopt the same logic if the government fails to execute the OROP by the next hearing in SC on 14 Aug 2015.

    Read more: http://www.staffnews.in/2015/07/pension-not-paid-aft-gears-up-to-attach.html#ixzz3frAvV9Ym

  3. it is true. modi govt is failure

  4. Koshyari Committee of Parliament defined OROP in clear terms and is an accepted definition with which the ESM, the Government and the Supreme Court are comfortable all these days. Any attempts to dilute the definition must be discouraged by the Supreme Court when the Government comes up with a final result before them on 14 Aug 2015, if there is a variance, the SC bench itself can correct it with clear directions to publish OROP Scheme orders as a GO within 6 days to that judgement day. Let the Supreme Court be smart enough not to accept any other delay tactics by these bureaucrats/government. The Supreme Court is the last resort of ESM's hope to get OROP. Let this be our final call to the Nation. We hope the highest court of our Nation will restore our honour intact.

  5. No Govt ever learns anything abt veterans until they go on rampage. That is History. Our highly learned Officers should hv known this much earlier and started preparations for a showdown much earlier. They were more interested in keeping us under their thumb than letting us to fight for rights.

  6. WE should try for one of the international media like BBC SO THAT THE LEADERS
    WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GO TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES AND DO THEIR VERBALBULSHIT. Road block and Railruko will disturb the public but what is the alternate for public involvement. So with an appology to the public we can do that.
    Or as mentioned earlier stop these ministers from office gharao

    1. Yes that's right, call international media,invite them let the world know how Indian veterans are treated

  7. I hate Indian Bureaucrats and Politicians who are cheating their own Defence Forces Personnel and their families as they are worsen that the Terrorists/Enemies as these Bureaucrats and Politicians are worsen that Terrorist and Enemy Countries Persons .
    I hope OROP they are not going to implement and it will goes upto 01 Jan 2016 then 7 CPC will do that

  8. Time has come for the Nation to bury this idiotic Govt before it further alienate the Defence Forces and jeapordise the security of the country.

  9. Lately, the bureaucracy is trying to find loopholes in the definition of OROP that has, mercifully, been sanctified by the Supreme Court itself. OROP implies the payment of uniform pension to military personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of their date of retirement. ESM who retired before 2006 get pensions that are 70% less than their counterparts and even juniors who retired after them. This is an unacceptable disparity. Not many are aware that around 80% of military personnel are compulsorily retired between the ages of 34 to 37, whereas all other government employees (including in the civil services, police and paramilitary) serve and draw salaries till the age of 60. If the government permits all Armed Forces personnel to serve till 60, OROP will not be required at all. But then, the physical profile of the military has to be kept young.

    Since Independence, India has confronted five wars, raging insurgencies, grave externally-abetted terrorism and countless natural calamities. If there is an institution that has proved its mettle in all national emergencies with dauntless courage and rare professionalism, it is, unmistakably, the Indian military. Notwithstanding the general public’s respect for them, whether the Indian Armed Forces have received the esteem and recognition they deserves from the political and bureaucratic elite of the country, is a moot point. The 2014 general elections brought in a change. That was the promise made by the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi to the national electorate, comprising 2.5 million ex-servicemen (ESM) as well. Again, addressing the joint Houses of Parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee had unequivocally stated that “his government will do everything to repay the debt of our brave and selfless soldiers”. He announced the establishment of the Veterans Commission to look after the welfare of ESM and war widows, the construction of a National War Memorial in New Delhi, and most importantly, the implementation of the long-awaited OROP Scheme for ESM. Regrettably, eighteen months has passed and there has been no progress on any of these issues. The contentious OROP debate is back in news again and India’s ESM feel grossly let down.
    It is important to comprehend the subtleties of OROP and how in the matter of pensions for other government services, a distinction has to be made for the Armed Forces. Sadly, even the political leadership, fed by inaccurate and biased inputs from a self-serving bureaucracy, does not have a clear picture on what should be, in reality, a simple step to implement. It is the considered opinion of many Veterans in the country, that since Independence, there has been a continuous endeavour to downgrade and denigrate the Armed Forces in terms of its Pay, Pensions and the Warrant of Precedence. The Government must ensure that bureaucrats and other vested interests do not override genuine grievances of Veterans on any technical, administrative or legal grounds while implementing OROP. Both Prime Minister Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar have repeatedly assured veterans that OROP will come into effect soon. Its implementation will be correcting a long-standing injustice. It is sure to lift the morale and motivation of serving military personnel who will be joining the ranks of ESM in the coming years. It is important to remember that a Nation that does not look after its soldiers surely invites doom.

  10. Does't the Nation feel shameful to see award-winning ex-servicemen, some in their 80s and 90s, having to resort to sterner methods for their justified OROP? Is this the way to treat deserving senior citizens who gave their youth unflinchingly for the Country and its security? In near future the Nation is going to celebrate the '65 war anniversary in a grand manner without the Veterans. This will be another insult to the Veterans. The citizens of India from all walks of life in one voice must raise in support of the Veterans for one day. Will some organisation take up an opportunity to bring every citizen for one day on one platform to show their solidarity with the brave soldiers, airmen and the sailors?

  11. Part 2. The 6th Pay Commission clubbed several ranks in a single pay scale. As Armed Forces have more ranks than civil services, they bore the brunt of this decision. Seven ranks were clubbed into two pay scales, eroding the primacy of rank, when it came to pensions. The 7th Pay Commission must create pay grades by rank to reverse this situation. The biggest problem is faced by the jawans or personnel below the rank of officers. They form the bulk of the Armed Forces and retire after a maximum of 20 years, in the age range of 32 to 37 years. The pensions they draw are low, and re-employment is a problem. Proposals for lateral entry into paramilitary and police forces is blocked by the civil administration. Even if Even if OROP were implemented, it would not increase their pensions substantially. So, the pre 3rd Pay Commission Pension norms must be brought in, 65% of the last pay drawn for the retired Service Personnel and the civilians pensions need not be 33% which was in vogue then.

    The bureaucrats insist that the OROP will be an unbearable burden for India — pure lies, misleading propaganda, obstruction to deny justice to the Armed Forces Personnel. Whenever all else fails, the Armed Forces are called for remedy. Foot bridges for CWG are re-built by the Army? When Central and State governance fail against Naxals and Kashmiri militants, they want the Army and Air Force to take over. When natural calamities overwhelm, the Armed Forces are called in. What is tragic is that in planning bridges, making disaster relief plans, formulating anti Naxal operations, the Armed Forces are never consulted, but when the chips are down, they are ordered to step in.

    The Indian Military Leadership has ensured loyalty, integrity and obedience from the rank and file, and will continue to do so. But to expect that leadership to maintain loyalty in the face of gross injustice is challenging the very roots of good military conduct and behaviour. Serving Armed Forces Personnel will become pensioners one day, if they have misgivings about fair-mindedness of the system throughout their Service, somewhere, sometime, something will snap. India’s 1.27 billion people will not be able to contain the ill effects of such a breakdown. So there is urgency for remedy, clearly, truthfully. We may be running out of time, Indian governance cannot practice brinkmanship with its own Armed Forces.

  12. Part 1. To ignore unhappiness among the EXServiceMen is undesirable, but to brush aside and snub disenchantment among the serving Armed Forces is dangerously foolish. Which is why, even with an unblemished 6 decades plus service record by the Armed Forces since independence, the equation between the Armed Forces and civilian masters remains skewed against the the Armed Forces, with great possibility of greater disillusionment within. It is the civilian leadership of India have brought us to this perilous state? Their acts of commission and omission have created a hostile environment within and around India, making it impossible to drastically decrease the size of our Armed Forces just to cut the pension bill. So don’t blame the Armed Forces for the number of pensioners. Young men are enticed to join the Armed Forces because there is a pension, which is a big attraction. Our large population ensures multitude applications for few vacancies, and we get a voluntary Armed Forces that is exploited to the hilt by civilians, and then aborted like unwanted pregnancies at an young age. How long will this carry on? The number of retired Officers and Other Ranks is large. Studies have shown that for every serving man/woman, the number of pensioners will soon double. Big standing Armed Forces is inescapable to defend our land, its coastline, air space and borders. Add to this are the burden of keeping Armed Forces manpower available for, taking over tasks of the para-military, disaster relief, mega national events etc. Looking at the politico-economic-adversarial relationship with our neighbours, the regional inter-se equations and our global ambitions, trimming the Armed Forces is not an option today

  13. Sir, Govt has imposed the AFT Judiciary body for giving the judgement for the Armed Forces personnel who are more sufferer for their rights .Once a judgement is given by AFT ,Then why Govt MOD and Vit mantralaya is not accepting their judgement. We all Ex Servicemen are fighting for our right for implemation of OROP but no voice is going in the ear of PM,FM and RM . Then they should closed the AFT immediately. That should be lesson for the Govt.Regards. Ex MWO SN Sharma,Jaipur,

  14. We should not take it serious. Promises cannot be fulfilled by our leaders after coming in power

  15. If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys only. To have a better Armed Forces with velour of men of integrity and honour pay the Armed Forces with better Pay and Perks. It will pay back in the long run for Mother India.

  16. The government may file a curative petition in the Supreme Court on its earlier Judgement on 14 Jul 2015 in respect of OROP. In its own judgement earlier while restoring the pre 2006 Pensioners arrears from 01-01-2006 the Supreme Court declared, “A curative petition is not an ordinary remedy, and is usually meant to cure ‘gross miscarriage of justice’. It is unfortunate that the government failed the grant of OROP to Armed Forces pensioners, and is ‘miscarriage of justice’.” This curative petition if any filed must be treated as a delaying tactic and must be condemned and the government accord OROP immediately.

  17. The following anomalies on which the SC passed favourable judgements for the Armed Forces are yet to be implemented. Then why this delay?

    1. Removal of pension anomaly from 01-01-2006 rather than 24-09-2012 for pre-2006 retiree Central Government pensioners.

    2. Removal of pension anomaly between Honorary Naib Subedars who retired prior to 01-01-2006 vis-a-vis those who retired after 01-01-2006.

    3. Removal of pension anomaly between Viceroy Commissioned Officers and post-independence Honorary Commissioned Officers who retired prior to 01-01-2006.

  18. Jiski utar gai loi (goi) uska kya karega koi shame shame n shamless (goi)

  19. Mr Modi is running the government in an artificially simulated mode. He wants to see what he wants, he wants to do what he believes to be correct without going on to ground realities. He is totally ignoring the "Kisans and the Jawans." On two counts he proved to be of this grave fault. In his monthly radio talk a month and odd back Mr Modi told the Nation that there are four years more for the OROP come into effect, and the other day a BJP spokes person confirmed this again on a TV talk in the NDTV. Does the government realise that OROP is being asked not for normal healthy youth who got whole life before them to wait, but for many senior citizens who served the Nation honourably and who are in their last days of their life? The struggle is 40 years old and that doesn't mean we will wait for another 40 years to come to attain the OROP. Statesmanship if it is there in him, Mr Modi will come with a concrete decision to implement OROP as per the universally accepted definition forthwith. If he gives OROP on orders of the Supreme Court or the Parliamentary Committee, then the credit will not go either to his government or the BJP which came into power on an election promise to implement OROP. The OROP is our right and is inevitable aspect, if given gracefully forthwith, he can avoid ignominy; otherwise he will be remembered in the history of this country for wrong reasons.


  20. If the UPA government, in 2009, corrected the pensions of retired armed forces personnel to parity will this NDA government give credit to them and apologise for all the slanders on them in the past? If they feel that the jawans largely benefited out of the correction as the pension and the the gap that earlier existed has largely been bridged, will they come out with facts and figures before the IESM. Will they give the breakdown of the 5000 crore that had already spent on bringing about the parity?" Why not the government discuss this in the monsoon session of the Parliament openly? If not they could put these figures before the IESM or the SC for their further advice? We got all questions, but the government got no answers? Who/What is stopping them, fear of the unknown?