Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Anna Hazare jumps in support of OROP scheme, says it's a 'fair demand'

 Anna Hazare to Launch Stir Over One Rank One Pension and Land Acquisition Bill
Anna Hazare jumps in support of OROP scheme, says it's a 'fair demand'
Mumbai:  Social activist Anna Hazare on tuesday said a countrywide agitation will be launched over the issues of One Rank One Pension (OROP) and the Land Acquisition Bill.
"I will inform you about the date of the agitation in my next letter to you," Hazare said in a letter sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
"We have to take care of our soldiers and farmers.
Making hollow announcements for their welfare and actually implementing them are different things," Mr Hazare stated in his letter.
In a democracy, the government should listen to woes of the people, Mr Hazare said.
"I wish to reiterate that my agitation is not political," Mr Hazare's letter stated.

 OROP unlikely to get implement in Parliament's monsoon session

OROP unlikely to get implement in Parliament's monsoon session
LUCKNOW: The much hyped and much talked about BJP's election promise of implementing One Rank, One Pension may not see the light of the day, at least in the coming Monsoon session of the Parliament, which would commence on July 21. Replying to specific questions about the implementation of the OROP, Union defence minister Manohar Parrikar, said, "Since issues like this (OROP) involve more than one ministry, hence there cannot be any time-frame for its implementation." However, Parrikar reiterated the Centre's commitment for the speedy implementation of the OROP. Addressing reporters on the sidelines of an orientation programme for elected members of Cantoment Boards (Central Command), Parrikar said, "Our commitment to implement the OROP remains intact. I cleared the file as soon as it came to my notice. However, since other ministries are involved, hence it is taking sometime. But, I assure you that the issue would be effectively addressed." Earlier in Delhi, Parrikar had said, "There will be good news soon." Ex-servicemen have been protesting since June 14 to press for the implementation of One Rank, One Pension. Currently, the pension of retired personnel is based on the pay commission recommendations in force at the time of their retirement. This leads to a difference in pensions for officers of the same rank who retire on different dates. With One Rank, One Pension, those who retired earlier will draw the same pension as officers and jawans of the same rank who are retiring now. They would also be entitled to a year's back pensions at the new rate, which would be a windfall for pensioners. The system will benefit 25 lakh ex-servicemen, and is expected to cost the government around Rs 8,500 crore.


  1. Another 8-10 days they want. Till then they ask us to protest.whether they implement or not, why they have to that is another part. But i will not allow them to come in Bihar polls definitely. are they making fools us or whta ?

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  4. The OROP Scheme is inevitable as we are fighting till the last. It would be appropriate if the Army/Air/Naval HQs (in conjunction with Record Offices) keep lists of affected ESM ready so as to grant government sanction at the earliest to avoid complications. This is also a good opportunity to oil up the implementation machinery well in time.

  5. As of yesterday, the Defence sources are saying the Ministry of Finance has returned the OROP file to the Ministry of Defence for some more fine-tuning. The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines "fine tuning" as 'to make small changes to something to make it as good as possible.' After all these months using the adverb SOON, now they have come down to the verb 'FINE TUNING.' When will they arrive at the adjective "DONE." Both the ministries are playing ping pong game with the OROP with the Defence Ministry loosing it every time while the country is watching their gimmickry in humour. Will they stop being jokers at least now and come out with the OROP?

  6. dear sirs,

    I do not think mr shah will do anything in favor of ex army in the matter of 1R1P, because he is cloned from the chromosomes of mr modi. and they are not having any political will or experience, they are going to plunge the whole secular and democratic set up of india into gutter, once damaged or uprising surfaces the first man to leave the country is BJP president and the most people disliked prime minister mr narendra modi will take fugitive some where else, they are not patriotic and uncared for sensitive issue concerning army people. president suo motto will swing into action to impeach them, but he is a rubber stamp. when country faces anarchy, the apex court should not remain spectator, something the honorable SC should do to stall any mishappening, once started happens no earthly power shall contain the impact of this

    1. This type of things happened in U S S R and YOUGOSLOVIA Let us pray
      it does not happen here.

  7. Attack BJP rally at Muz on 25 July.


  8. "Defence sources said the Finance Ministry has returned the OROP file to the Defence Ministry for some more fine tuning." This statement appears too often, why can't both the ministries sit across a table and sort out the differences. The word "SOON" is misused by these lethargic bureaucrats and the ministers concerned totally fail to tame them. This barbaric act has gone too far and these ministers accept this indiscipline tolerantly for reasons known to them. The BJP government is going to pay for this folly of not heading to the OROP Scheme to the ESM will have to pay dearly in their future governance of the country. The BJP rally at Muz must be the first direct attack on 25 July.

  9. I think Anna Hajere joining the agition will give strength. Some day back i commented that Anna hazare should join the protest as he is also a ex-serviceman. I think maximum exserviceman come from farmer family. This issue and farmer issue we should fight together. Then only govt will know what is the strength of ex servicemen and farmers. JAI JAWAN JAI KISHAN

  10. Do exactly as the ex-servicemen want: Give future and past retirees of the same rank from the Army, Navy and Air Force exactly the same pension. Essentially, this means that all Brigadiers or, say, Air Vice Marshals, would get the same pension regardless of when they retired, taking into account only their years in service and the number of years they held the rank. This formula, a literal interpretation of the phrase One-Rank One-Pension, has been accepted by government committees, including the Parliamentary Standing Committee on defence. The three HQs and their respective Record Offices must up date the existing pensioners and family pensioners Ranks, their years of service, and the years of service in their last held rank. Once the government comes up with the orders, all that is required is simply super impose the both data to arrive at the final OROP to the past pensioners/family pensioner. This is a one time measure, once implemented it will require correction only when the rule of pensions change for the serving soldiers. The bureaucrats are making OROP Scheme a mountain out of a simple mole.

  11. We see another planted story by the HT. This news can be seen at http://www.pressreader.com/india/hindustan-times-jalandhar/20150708/281526519724294/TextView
    Time and again the government is planting stories like this to weaken us all. Our demand for OROP has become a political game for the BJP.

  12. One Rank , One Pension ( OROP )

    As against 14 lakh serving military personnel , there are some 25 lakh retired military persons , in India , today

    They are demanding , " One Rank , One Pension "

    In simple terms :

    > Col Mhatre retired in 1985 , with last drawn salary of Rs 10,000 pm

    > Col Chari retired in 2000 , with last drawn salary of Rs 50,000 pm , and

    > Col Patel retired in 2015 , with last drawn salary of Rs 100,000 pm

    They all served for 30 years at the time of retirement

    As per present Pension Rules, by way of pension :

    > Col Mhatre may be getting Rs 2000 pm

    > Col Chari may be getting Rs 10,000 pm

    > Col Patel may be getting Rs 20,000 pm

    Under OROP , all of them would today , get Rs 20,000 pm !

    And as salaries keep climbing , with each passing year , they will all keep getting the same amount as pension, as the latest retiree in the same rank , who has put in same length of service , at the time of retirement

    A kind of " Indexation " , aimed at neutralizing the ever-rising " cost of living " which is same for all three retirees !

    And , the argument goes :

    " Why not ?

    Those who are serving , get their " cost of living " neutralized thru DA ( Dearness Allowance ) which automatically keeps rising every month , as CPI / WPI etc rise !

    Why should early-retirees be made to suffer , for having been born earlier / served earlier ? "

    One cannot find fault with such an argument !

    But if OROP is implemented , the Governments ( Central + States ) must get ready with answers to the following :

    > Will this lead to similar demands from millions of retired para-military forces and Police personnel , in all the States ?

    > Could this lead to similar demands from all retired Civil Servants , at the Centre as well as , in the States ?

    > Can this demand find an " Echo " in all retired Municipal / Panchayat employees , all over India ?

    > Will private sector retired employees make similar demands on Corporate Employers ?

    After all , no retiree ( of any kind ) , can escape the ravaging effects of ever - rising inflation ( cost of living ) ! Be rest assured , they will all be justified in making similar demands !

    This raises following further questions :

    > Will this set in motion , a Vicious Circle ?

    > Will this make India , a " High Cost Economy " ?

    Only time will tell

    But one thing is crystal clear

    Each succeeding generation will be required to bear the burden of ensuring that its preceding generation manages to live a life of dignity , which could well run into Rs lakhs of Crores !

    I cannot escape comparing this potential scenario with the present Greek Tragedy , where almost all citizens ( whether serving in Government or in private companies ) ,

    > Retire at the age of 50

    > For the rest of their lives , draw a pension equal to 90 % of their last drawn salary !

    I am not against OROP

    I am for creating awareness of the issues and for starting a National Debate


    hemen parekh
    09 July, 2015

    1. Argument is irrelevant as these ESM were forced to retire without grudge as against the civilians who earned for longer period with better ever increasing salaries and more terminal savings/benefits. They are quite different from the other civilian government servants with peculiarities in service conditions, discipline and family life. Never compare a soldier with others.