Thursday, 28 May 2015

One rank, one pension: ESM plan nationwide agitation & boycot of all Govt functions,RD parade

Thursday, May 28, 2015
 One rank, one pension: Ex-servicemen plan nationwide agitation
One rank, one pension: Ex-servicemen plan nationwide agitation Members of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement rally for one rank, one pension at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. A Tribune file photo New Delhi/Pune, May 28
 Aggrieved over the delay in the roll-out of ‘one rank, one pension’ for the armed forces, ex-servicemen plan to hold a nationwide agitation, even as 1971 war veteran Wing Commander(retd) Suresh Karnik boycotted a function attended by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. As the resentment over the delay grew, Navy chief Admiral R K Dhowan advised ex-servicemen to be “patient” on the long-pending demand for OROP, saying that the government was seized of the matter. “We are planning to hold a rally on June 14. It would not only be held in Delhi but also in various parts of the country,” Maj Gen Satbir Singh (retd), who had led a delegation of war veterans to meet Parrikar earlier this year, told PTI in Delhi. He said the veterans plan to go on hunger strike if the government does not keep its promise. While saying that Parrikar had good intentions on the OROP issue, Karnik, a recipient of the Vir Chakra—third highest award for gallantry—blamed the bureaucracy for dragging the matter to the disappointment of lakhs of ex-service personnel across the country.
 “The government is paying lip service to ex-servicemen’s cause. Bureaucracy is playing its own game on one rank, one pension issue,” he told PTI in Pune. He also said he was not attending a gallantry award function in Pune that was addressed by Parrikar. Admiral Dhowan stressed that OROP has been a “priority area” and the issue has been taken up with the Defence Ministry. “We look forward to that announcement,” he told reporters in Delhi. “The Ministry of Defence is very much seized of the problem. To the best of my knowledge, a lot of progress has been made on the OROP. It is up to the government to take a final decision on it,” he said. OROP has been a long-standing demand of the over 2 million ex-servicemen of India. It seeks to ensure that a uniform pension is paid to the defence personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of their date of retirement. The scheme is estimated to cost around Rs 8,600 crore initially and subsequently several crore rupees annually. Currently, all pre 2006 (the year the 6th Pay Panel recommendations became effective) pensioners receive lesser pension than not only their counterparts but also their juniors. — PTI


  1. This government has shattered the hearts the ex-servicemen. NO HOPE.

  2. Whenever OROP topic discussed govt put forward one of a service chief to consul ex service veterans. Last time Army chief declared it will be done by 30th April.
    Now govt engage Navy chief to keep hope alive. Sir if this will continue the days will come, you will also find place to fight against the govt for the same OROP There will be no end to it insetad convince Ministry to resolve the issue soon.

  3. you Can fool some people all the time
    you can fool all the people some time
    You cannot fool all the people all the time.

  4. I think the now putting fowrward Navy Chief to say about as Army chief no body will believe. Then they will put forward Air chief.

  5. We should keep up the steam till we get the definition bound OROP to all the ExSevicemen, War Widows and others. Let us not flirter away our pent up anger with a few soothing words

  6. Of what use are DM's good intentions if he can't prevail upon FM/PM to take a decision and is repeatedly slipping on his solemn commitments regarding implementation of OROP.Beurocrats are doing exactly what Govt expects them to do.No point blaming them.Problem lies at FM/PM level,who desire the issue to blow into a National level problem /crisis and then take credit for resolving it.Faujies protests undertaken to date are considered inadequate to deserve PM'attention and OROP modalities would continue to be worked out by Burocrats for long time to come. jAI HIND.

  7. See today Prime Minister statement that they have not find definitation. They are searching for searching with all stake holders. How funny is. One side Defence Minister saying that all formalities is over and someadvibnistrative issue are to be resolved . I think all ex-service should unite at distict and block level and fight for one rank one pension. Secondly Defence Minister stated that we have five years to implement it. Firstly Congress made fooled. Now same thing is being done by Modiji govt. Even Supreme Court passed order 24 Feb 2015 and directed govt to implement one rank one pension within three month and extension of further time. If not implemented then it will be contempt of court. The Modiji govt is no honouring the Supreme Court order. I think When agition all over the country will only wake the govt. And then supreme court intervension only ex-servicemen can get Justice. I think every veteran and their family and relatives should join the protest. Other wise ex-servicemen and farmerds will only be used by political parties

  8. Raj Chengappa, Editor-in-Chief of the Tribune Group of Newspapers is the first media person to elicit the actual position of OROP. But the answer is too dodging and it may be in practice anytime you in next four years. There is no proof of any stakeholders participating in forming the pension scales. Moreover the RM says that the definition of OROP is adhered and final report is sent to FM. Both their statements are diametrically opposite. Now we are at sea forever it seems. If the 7th CPC report comes out in early 2016, then the present exercise will gets shelved under the carpet.

  9. First of all they are not very clear about the orop.Babus are interested in implementation. I retired as Sub.Maj after completion of 17 years of service.Can I be equated to a Sub.Maj of 33 years of service.If both are equated OROP is not justified. How this is to be resolved? All rank holders on their highest pay to be paid the same pension.A sub Maj should get the same pension. With my education level I retired as Sub.Maj with the service of 17 years. But a sepoy elevated as and when he got qualified with the service he rendered. Let the Govt decide.

  10. statement of DM states all formalties compl.why now PM says we are finalising with stakeholders.it gives wrong infm by govt on OROP.it seems govt doent desire t give OROP arrears even 6CPC oredered by SC t pay in 4moths as confd by govt solictor.lets wait and watch govt mood.main hurdle is FM as he said once govt t run on public money as any marwari is bancrupt many times he is best.rrgds

  11. As news coming that Defence Minister has cleared file. The finance Ministry is creating problem to clear one rank one pension. The roumers are coming that these babus are telling same demand will come from civilians and para imlitary If govt is serous then the can ask these organisation.
    1. Will you accept service condition same as for army.
    2. Your fundamental rights will be abrogated as case of army.
    3. Will you retire at the age of 32 if not promed.
    4. Will you give some like militay personnel in himalayas/hard station.

    5 will you stay away from family for long term

    6. Can you accept that you can called for duties 24 hous any time.

    If not then why you are comparing yourself with army personnel

  12. From the glorious words of the Magna Carta, I quote:

    “To none shall we delay,
    To none shall we deny,
    To none shall we sell Justice.”

  13. Both defence minister and finance minister are making fool Of 2 million exservicemen. Both of them deliberately prolonging the implimentation till the Declaration of 7th pay commission. After the declaration of 7th pay commission nobody will bother to ask about OROP. It is better for us to forget about OROP

  14. Today one news that now defence ministry and finance ministry are chalking anather proposal. They want to do pension fixing as per the pay fixation of MPs. The they will discuss with vetrans and army top bosses. Govt just making all the charges of on MP including pay is 35 lakh. I think they should do the forumula which alread made by army HQ and Min of Defence. One year they have wested in that formula. Why Min of Finance was sleeping for year. I think govt is making fool. Again when this report will go to PM then again one formula. Supreme court has also commented that if you can get 3 lakh cr from coal auxtion 8000 cr is nothing. All ESM are to unite and fight for Justice. And do the peaceful agitition till OROP i.plemented

  15. News is published inTimes of Idia e ery ESM should go through this and see how govt is making fool.