Tuesday, 9 December 2014


IESM Delegation meets RM on 09 Dec 14
Dear Members
As you aware that IESM had planned agitation from 3 Dec to 16 Dec with a rally on 7 Dec and medal return on 16 Dec 14 to remind the Government to fulfill the promises made by BJP in their manifesto. Though many veterans advised to delay the agitation but IESM was steadfast to resume the agitation because undue delay in issuance of notification on OROP.
Sh Rajeev Chandrashekhar met IESM delegation on 1 Dec 14 and advised IESM that he would be ready to work as conduit between Govt and IESM and will arrange a meeting with RM soon to discuss OROP and its implementation. Based on the assurances IESM decided to postpone the planned agitation and decided to give a chance to negotiations. IESM got some welcome messages from ex-servicemen and some rebuttals for postponing agitation. However GB IESM had taken this decision in light of some positive information given to them by Sh Rajeev Chandrashekhar. IESM firmly believes that doors for consultations should never be closed.
A meeting was arranged by Sh Rajeev Chandrashekhar MP Rajya Sabha for IESM delegation to meet Sh Manohar Parikarr Raksha Mantri at 1420h on 9 Dec 14. Maj Gen Satbir Singh Chairman and Gp Capt VK Gandhi Gen Sec IESM met Raksha Mantri at Parliament house. After initial introductions, We came straight to OROP and its implementation. Concept of OROP and its historical back ground was explained to him. He asked many questions to clear his doubts and these were satisfactorily answered. IESM very clearly explained the concept of yearly increments for pensioners and explained that without this OROP has no meaning. However once an ESM reaches top of his pay band he would not be entitled to further increments. This aspect was elaborately explained. Honorable RM also touched upon the differing figures of funds required to meet OROP. IESM delegation explained that this must have been worked out by the responsible officers in MOD at the time of approving OROP. However fig given by Army Hq seems to be more reasonable. Moreover this is not the task of IESM or ESMs to work out the figures. IESM stressed upon that definition of OROP is sacrosanct can not be diluted. It stands approved by Parliament.
The meeting lasted for 30 min and IESM delegation got a feeling that the thought process of RM was positive. RM did not make any negative comment or any serious objection about OROP and its implementation. IESM delegation explained to RM that ESMs are getting restless about this undue delay in issuance of notification of OROP. Government needs to issue notification without any delay preferably within this year. Though RM did not make any commitment but delegation is hopeful that Govt is likely to make announcement on OROP very soon may be within one month. This would a very good news for complete veteran family.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM


  1. Let`s hope that long struggle for implementation of OROP comes to an end. Hoping its implementation with in a month, Though it is very hard to believe on these politicians / bureaucrats Let`s hope this time something positive and its implementation with in a month. Hope for the best

  2. Dear All
    Hope the same is true this time , we do not have efficient work force to do the work out figures of funds required to meet OROP, as the same is not required for them ( politicians and bureaucrats , can any one from IESM or ESMs work out the figures ? please do and publish the same as on date then govt can understand the amount involvement in orop if req we will help pm and fm by donating from us like we are donating our life for the country and for them, please help and post at the earliest. Ji hind keep hope God is there for poor soldiers.

  3. Non commitment by RM to delegation, it may not take as assurance for implementation of OROP but still we have hope for its implementation within a month. The way it has been committed during election by PM but no enthusiasm for implementation. Let's hope.

  4. Nothing can be predicted till the notification is issued according to the definition of OROP as approved by the Govt. The announcement of OROP by UPA Govt at the fag end was only another gimmick eyeing on the votes of Defence personnel and their families. Now the BJP Govt has also approved the definition of OROP in principle. Then what and where is the hitch? Since Jul 14 the issue is in a standstill, due to the crooked and meanminded "BABAUS' in the MoD. Political leadership to be only blamed for this situation.



  5. 1. President Indian Ex-Services League along with IESL delegate comprising of AVM RP Mishra and Lt Cdr BD Sharma met Raksha Mantri on 10 Dec 2014 at 1100 hours to deliberate the issue of OROP. Rajya Raksha Mantri Shri Rao Inderjit Singh along with all concerned official of MOD was present. Also representative of war disabled Association and Air Force Association were present.

    2. At the outset the Raksha Mantri stated that the Government is very clear on the definition of OROP. This is the commitment of our Government to grant it as early as possible. However the time frame cannot be given. The RM further stated that any conceptual differences if any can be resolved now since all the MOD official as well as registered Veterans Organisations representatives are present. The issue was discussed at length. President IESL clarified that definition has already been accepted in the Parliament and we stick to it. OROP means uniform pension be paid to the Armed Forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates of pension to be automatically passed to the past pensioners. The RM queried as to what should be the frequency of review of pension amount. President IESL clarified that it has to be done on annual basis. AVM RP Mishra further clarified that this revision is only upto Dec 2015 as 7th CPC has already been formed and their recommendations would be effective from Ist of Jan 2016.

    3. Secretary ESW mentioned that till 1973, standard pension was paid for standard service with reduction in the amount for each deficient year of service. With this revision of pension will be necessitated only with every pay commission. AVM RP Mishra suggested that pension for all ranks may be made proportionate to pension of Chiefs. This would simplify the matter.

    4. In addition a few more issues like second employment to the ESM and peculiar service conditions and the difficulties encountered by the defence personnel were also highlighted by the President IESL. The same were heard patiently by the RM and he stated that due attention will be given to the various problems of serving as well as the retired defence personnel. This is on the agenda of our Government.

    5. After detailed discussions and question-answer session, the RM seemed to be positive and comfortable with answers given by IESL delegation. Thereafter, RM asked additional FA (DS) whether she was clear on all aspects. She gave answer in affirmative.

    6. It was extremely heartening to notice positive vibes from the RM and his sense of urgency and commitment on OROP.

    7.Brief about OROP is at

    8 The meeting lasted for about an hour.

  6. iesm working with great sence but those who all are involve for implimentation orop all are shacking hand each other. but implimentation authority off the air

  7. It is great tnat a Minister in Modi Govt asks Questions to understand the issue. Now that he has some answers to our Questions, he should now ask INTELLIGENT questions to Bureaucrats to seek factual answers before deciding on the issue. That really decides what this Def Minister is compared to Antonyji & Jaitleyji.

  8. This is just repetition of tarikh par tarikh ie conference after conference as the modalities are being worked out years after years . Only solution is to out source Babudom to TCS or Infosys .only then modalities will be worked out. Obama has hit nail on its head when he called for
    change in Indian bureaucratic inertia

  9. As per table No 7 of circular No 555 dated 04 February 2016 basic pension of Honorary Naib Subedar & Naib Subedar of X group for service 24 years or 26 years has fixed in same rate i.e. Rs 11138 but basic pension of Honorary Naib Subedar & Naib Subedar of Y group is different. This difference is Rs 1004/- .
    As per table No 7 of circular No 555 dated 04 February 2016 for 24 years service Y group Honorary Naib Subedar basic pension has fixed at Rs 8425/- and Naib Subedar basic pension has fixed on Rs 9429/- which is not understood in OROP and it is injustice with the Honorary Naib Subedar of Y group.
    Hony Rank of Naib Subedar granted to Havildar will be notionally considered as a promotion to the higher grade pay and will be allowed notionally for the purposes of fixation of pension only with effect from 01-1-2006. The said decision has been communicated vide Ministry of Defence letter NO. 1(8)/2008-D (Pen/ Policy) dated 12-6-2009.
    As per table No 7 of circular No 555 dated 04 February 2016 24 years service of X group Naib Subedar & Honorary Naib Subedar pension are equal, so 24 years service of Y group Naib Subedar & Honorary Naib Subedar pension also should be equal, please consider it.
    Keeping view of the above, You are requested to do the needful.
    Thanking you with warm regards,

    Yours obediently soldier,

    2879637W Honorary Naib Subedar Vijai Kumar, PPO No-S/29763/2006(ARMY)