Thursday, 4 December 2014

Amarinder blames bureaucracy for delay in OROP; writes to PM

 HT Correspondent ,HindustanTimes Chandigarh,December 03, 2014
Blaming the bureaucracy for undue delay in granting 'one rank one pension' to country's 30 lakh ex-servicemen, Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh has sought urgent attention of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the issue
In a letter to the PM, Capt Amarinder wondered whether it was the bureaucracy or the parliament that was running the country. "I am intrigued over such a situation where the bureaucracy has been trying to overrule parliament. Is it the bureaucracy that is running this country or Parliament?" he asked. He said, it was strange that despite the decision about OROP having been approved by the Parliament, no headway has been made so far as the vested interests in the bureaucracy are trying to scuttle it.
He said, it was strange that despite the decision about OROP having been approved by the Parliament, no headway has been made so far as the vested interests in the bureaucracy are trying to scuttle it
The former chief minister wondered despite both the UPA and NDA in favour of the decision it was still not being implemented.
He pointed out, it was the previous UPA government which approved the OROP. "The then finance minister P Chidambaram allocated Rs. 500 crore for this purpose in his last budget as the exact figures had not been known at that time", he said, adding "the finance minister Arun Jaitely also approved about Rs. 1000 crore for this purpose in this year's budget".
The Congress leader also said that since then the total amount required for the implementation of the scheme has been worked out to be about Rs. 9500 crores, which is a pittance as compared to the expenditure incurred on other schemes like Food Security or MGNREGA which cost lakhs of crores of rupees.
"Despite that the ex-serviceman  have not been able to get the benefit just because the bureaucracy do not want to pass on this benefit to them", he regretted.

He said, he was surprised that the matter has been put on the back-burner for an amount of Rs. 9500 crores.
"Should this amount really matter for a country like India and that too when it concerns our 30 lakhs ex-servicemen dedicated their life to the country having served the nation in peace and war", he asked.
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  1. In our country who runs the show , legislative or bureaucracy and this is to be decided first.If it is legislative they should have a courtesy to set a time limit for implimentation of legislation by the bureaucracy. In OROP it seems legislation and excective are very friendly to negate it.

  2. It may not be surprising thing in India that politicians are getting bad name due to the stupidity of bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are enjoying like anything but people are agitating against government. Still politicians didn't learn any thing by past. There is a requirement of tight rein over the bureaucracy by politicians taking in the confidence of people of India then country will get real freedom. Same thing is happening in case of OROP also. Bureaucrats are misleading in implementation of OROP but finger will raise on government only for unwanted delay. So government should wake up now and have to do something by own for survival of country.

  3. If you act in a disciplined and innocent way you are considered as fool, if your fate has to decided by in disciplined and corrupt bureaucrats then one has to act accordingly. As there is say KANTE KO KANTE SE NIKALA JATA HAI ,The serving personal should also take equal initiative once they can sacrifice their lives for the cause of nation in fact to save these culprits they can be very well taught a lesson. Today you may be in good books of these culprits but tomorrow you will be in the list of fools and will be designated as EX-SERVICEMAN

  4. Dear Sir It is not that actually politicians are doing all the thing with the help of Bureaucrats, you can say they all are one if not can Bureaucrats stop any any benefits which are taking or getting by politicians? that time no Bureaucrats can do ant thing in case of defence they are doing showing all nonsense things , both are not interested to help og give any thing to our poor soldiers. all Bureaucrats, are the servant of politicians but netas are showing that they are not doing any thing all are doing by Bureaucrats, , due to that they are getting extra things even getting 10-15 years extension of service hues money by stopping OROP and some befits for poor soldires those are giving their life for the country. Now only thing left do or die orop or long agitation till end.dear frind do not stay fool start agitation or politicians Bureaucrats will finish us including all netas those are tilling that i am telling for you in parliament or in meetings for you they are also making us fool all are in one in various face , hope by seeing our ex general and politicians( ex defence ) are also making us fool and giving all false promise. so start agitation like all political parties do or die JAI HIND BHARAT MATA KI JAI NOT BELIEVE ANY NETAS AND POLITICAL PARTIES

  5. ALL re making fool this orop will not see the light not only for politicians and Bureaucrats also for officers upgradation of pension is required for ors only as they are very sufferer ,getting poor pension officer are not that much more over they have got rank pay now if govt is not not giving real orop they can start( with sanctioned amount 1500cr) from ors only apart from that agitation can be continued

  6. Dear brothers, this is more than sufficient keeping mum active as well as ex wake up time has come. We have to do something for the nation better now.

  7. Even mother is also not feeding her child until he/she cry, if they keep mum mother think all is well. so start some thing for orop so our bluffers that we are also having some needs not only for ours for our family . Once they( ( netas / babus) are enjoying our blood then why they will not pay the sanctioned orop. or that day is not far away that politicians and Bureaucrats will will enjoy with soldires blood.

  8. disciplined and innocent way will not help to get sanctioned OROP from this govt or all bureaucrats under him they considered that fools are asking some thing no need to give any thing except false promise some good song 15th and 26th aug some good word and before election again some new ball game to make them full they also know that the will save their mother land and them from any danger. In plae of that they will enjoy their life more promotion money for their family extn of service . And for mother land soldires are their they will give their life like today they donot need their family do not need good working environment no future, no full service like other govt employee early retirement and few money as pension, they will do flag day for their old and poor brother and one day will die before other due to tension and lack of money. dear pm sir please look in to it and think about your given promise about orop as all of us believed your promise and want to see that you r not like other hope you have seen sieachin how they are suffering while in job let them give some peace while he is aged

  9. serving in defence and govt office for pension you need to serve minimum 20 years but for politicians only one term for their life time pension , setting in safe place enjoying all facility and for them those are giving their life and gurding mother land from enemy they are not getting full pension only 50percent dose it make any sence those are protecting them they are suffring in future their family is suffering even not giving sanctioned orop PM is also giving false statement please raise your voice for that and start agitation for sanctioned orop post pond that was a bad decision. Our brothers are dieing every day and new def minister is inaugurating book enjoying his only saying we are sorry and will not forget them, hope time has come to do some thing which are not doing by disciplined foolish service personnel jai hind

  10. THE FIVE INDIAN ARMY BRAVE SOLDIERS OUR BROTHERS SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES IN FIGHTING PAKISTANI TERRORISTS IN JAMMU & KASHMIR ON 05-12-2014.MAY THEIR SOULS LIVE IN ETERNAL PEACE AND MAY GOD GIVE STRENGTH TO THE MEMBERS OF THEIR FAMILIES.let all netas get full pension for only one term but dont see this braved family Pm sir we are their for you and your babus but dont give any false promise to us and the nation

  11. I have a great thought for bureaucrates if all the babus posted at min of def issued a posting order for six month at leh ladakh and given sone soldiers duties and after over six month of posting they will all cleared our one rank one pen file with fruitful remarks

  12. Parliamentary greed among politicians are helping bureaucracy to implement their own agenda easily. Politicians are becoming a silent spectator to bureaucratic dealings to safeguard their own financial benefit.We should have a democracy with knowledge and experience to dictate terms to bureaucracy in solving problems effecting people.