Saturday, 4 March 2017


A meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Raksha Mantri in his Conference Room with ESM Delegation on 1st March 2017 & the following points were discussed.
1.Counting of full service of rank as qualifying service (without any reduction for shortfall in actual service) for war injury pension.
The RM took the details of the special dispensation accorded in 1972 and the FADS agreed to our contention. He instructed the Secy ESW and CGDA to take note. We informed him of the reduction based on circular 555 for which he declared that no reduction in pension could be made. CGDA took note.
2.OROP orders
The point regarding making Justice Reddy commission report available to the AG, for analysis was projected by the IESL. The FADS stated that the Report has not given any specific data and hence his job has become difficult. The Hon'ble RM, however did not agree and stated that the OROP issue is a political decision, and data is not required, the concept will be approved.He indicated that he would issue orders based on Justice Reddy Commission Report only after15 March 2017.
  3.Issue of corrigendum PPO's and e-PPO's
The issue of corrigendum PPO’s and e PPO’s was raised by us. This was earlier also discussed in details. The point that each pensioner needs a Govt authority( PPO) to know his entitlements was implicitly highlighted.The AG ,while agreeing with the requirement informed the RM that it would require complete change in the software. It would be a long haul and might take upto over a year, The IESL, strongly raised the need stating that it is a one time effort which has far reaching results and will go a long way in reducing the hardships our veterans and Veer Naris are presently going through. We need to work together and resolve to accomplish it. This proposal was seriously considered and RM indicated that it was something that needed to be implemented on priority. The issue will need to for followed by us vigorously.
4.Empanelment of Ottobock and Endolite prosthesis centre under ECHS
The orders for the same have been finalised with rates approved for each fitting. The financial approval has been cleared and the orders by MD ECHS should be issued very shortly.
5.Enhancement of pension grant of special pension to of widows of war disabled invalided out veterans
The issue was strongly raised since its not fair to these categories of personnel.The RM was positive on the proposal and he asked the AG to process the case on priority . Decision will be taken shortly.
 6The weightage towards pensions of officers ,JCO's and OR's as previously accorded in 6th Pay Commission be restored.
RM agreed to the proposal and informed Secy ESW and CGDA to immediately take note. The CGDA stated that since the 7CPC is silent on the issue, it means the statusquo remains, and weightage must be given, which is positive to our requirement.We requested the Hon'ble RM for suitable instructions from the Govt. He asked the CGDA to take note and issue instructions accordingly.
7The pension of Hony JCO's and NCOs
IESL intimated that some Hony JCO's and NCO’s who received the honour after retirement were not receiving pensions of the Hony ranks whereas some others get it. The RM after hearing the problem stated that it could be resolved by changing the policy to ensure that the date of honorary rank will not be the date of announcement but date on which proposal was made to ensure it is given while in active service to ensure status as well as motivational aspects are taken care of. He categorically stated that all honorary ranks should be conferred prior to retirement to avoid this anomaly. The AG accepted and promised to make suitable change to the policy accordingly.
8MSP increase for JCO's and Other Ranks
IESL raised the issue of the enhanced MSP to JCO’s as they are a higher category than ORs and need to be suitably compensated in MSP. The same was positively considered by the Hon’ble RM He asked the AG to move the proposal on priority.
IESL raised the issue of NFU to Armed Forces officers in tune with the civilians. The RM was amenable to the proposal and took note of the same for action.
10. Reservist Pension : The point regarding enhancement of Reservist Pension was raised strongly by IESL. It was proposed that instead of minimum pension, they be paid pension of an OR with 15 years service. The RM saw merit in the proposal and accepted to look into the issue and asked for a detailed statement of case.
11.Disability Pension.The point regarding disability pension on % basis to Armed Forces in line with the civilians was highlighted.It was also stated that the same has been agreed earlier, but orders are not issued. He stated the same will be issued soon
12 Resettlement of ESM : The issue regarding resettlement of JCO’s/ORs was raised. It was brought out that there is a need to make it statutory. Organizations like NDRF,Def PSU. OFB,DRDO,etc must be fully manned by ESM . SSC Officers must be absorbed as Assistant Commandants in CAPF on release from Army,as they are the best suited for the job.
13 Budget for ECHS be equal to CGHS : The point was strongly put across to the Hon’ble RM, he stated that he has already given additional budget allotment and will further consider the proposal.
14.Common Pay Matrix. It was strongly projected that in the 7 CPC ,there shoud be a common Pay Matrix, The Def Pay Matrix presently is different and would result in stagnation at the top for many years, which is not desirable. The Hon'ble RM accepted to go into the issue and ensure that the anomaly is corrected.
15 Medical treatment to EC officers. The point regarding medical treatment to EC officers was strongly taken up .It was highlighted that they have given the best part of their life to the country and we owe it to them to look after their health at this advance age. the RM promised to look into the issue positively.
16.Arrears of Pension for post Jan 2006 retiree Hony Lts/Capts. It was highlighted that post Cab Secy's Report of 2009,the pay and pension was enhanced. However, the arrears were paid from Jul 2009.Since as per Supreme Court ruling all other arrears have been paid wef 01 Jan 2006, being 6 CPC case, these also need to be paid accordingly to ensure fair play and justice. The Hon'ble RM accepted and promised to look into the issue on priority.
17. The Hon'ble RM asked the deligation to give him the details of each case separately so that he could follow the progress. The same is being done today.
18.The RM also indicated to those present that final orders of 7CPC had not been received and the pensions presently ordered may be revised upwards in few cases. Other entitlements done away by 7CPC are also under review and we should await the result.


  1. Hello Sir I am retired as Sub Major from army and my pension is 38769 including disability pension at 30% kindly let me know whether l am liable for tax rebate due to disability or not if yes please send the authority letter . As my bank is asking tax deduction

  2. Dr Jaswinder as you mentioned you are getting Disability pension also, your complete pension ie. Service element and Disability Element are exempted from Income Tax. So tell the Bank that Disability Pension Comprising both the elements ie Service Element and Disability Element is not taxable. Reference be made to para 88.3 of Defence Pension Payment Instruction. And for circulars on it issued by CBDT you may search on Google by typing " income tax on Disability Pension". Hope it meets the requirements

  3. Authority letter along with LRC?

  4. You DISABILITY element and service pension is fully exempted from Income Tax.

  5. Ref para 16. 7 cpc in its report vide para 6.2.90 has stipulated that presently, basic pay of Hony Lt on their promotion is not to be less than Rs 19530 pm. In a reply to my RTI, RTI cell IHQ if MoD has also deliberated that wef 1.1.2006 basic pay of Hony Lt is Rs 19530. Since my basic pay HFO which is equivalent to Hony Lt was fixed as Rs 17790 pm . Therefore, I have asked fir the correctness of my basic pay with relevant aurat vide another RTI to MoD.

    It will be pertinent to know that the basic pay of HFO who were promoted after 1.1.2009 to 23.9.2012 has not been fixed @ Rs 19530. Therefore, I am pleading to bring my pay at par with my predecessors.

    OROP has brought past pensioners at par with present pensioners. But, I have been pleading just opposite to bring my pay/pension at par with my predecessors. I request the VOP to ponder this and suggest action to be initiated

  6. The hon.rm says the decision on % based dp is approoved if so what abt the DPs drawing the starting basic pension will they get the base rates approoved by 7 CPC?

  7. PNB in West Bengal not yet paid DL 33 arrear, in March they can't pay, in that case IT for fy 2017-18 slab will increase. May I know why I shall be penalised where I am not in fault.

  8. Why cppc Nagpur not credit the pre 2006 dues to date? What is the problem to issuing dues? Pls.look into this matter. I approach to cppc by several mails ,post but no reply. Pappu Ram Ex Po 171437F DOR. 2003 a/c in Bank of India at Bhiwani Hr. 67701200017772.My mob.9813855220