Monday, 18 July 2016

Secretary DESW


  1. I don't think Madam Damayanthi will reply,having smelt a snake ... SAANP SOONG GAYA HAI. And Parrikar Sahab is too busy , in any case. So ?????

  2. karunakaran a ex havildar19 July 2016 at 19:23

    Menon sir,

    how we become neglected in the eyes of government and babus with regard to release of our genuine right removal of 33 years in pursuant of court order. civilians are dearer than us, no one in the government to look after us. see the pitiable condition of a soldier, thank you sir you have taken the matter with the government

    1. You are always neglected.Now only you have realized.See all the earlier pay commission reports.

  3. We have received reply of it is in process, and under consideration

  4. Are we sure by rules & regulations that we are eligible for this? If YES than no use of request...Just give deadline....Act by method generally used to pressurise them...after dead line...Seving soldiers to support us...as they are also to be retire one day...

  5. Somebody seems to have received a reply ," under processes and consideration " .
    What is this strange practice of processes and consideration for over 3 months, on soldiers legitimately adjudicated issues of pension ,when such pension was promptly paid in April 2016 to civilian employees of GOI ,incl those civilian defense employees(defence budgeted) ???. ,
    What is there to consider? ,and Who are they to consider on a judicial ( highest ) verdict ???.
    Simply ,the executive has to publish orders ,as was done to themselves ( civilian employees ), in april 2016.
    It is their responsibility and duty as per constitution of India.The are paid for this work.
    This extraordinary delay ,naturally attracts action and reaction at all stages and levels due to visible and deliberate act of discrimination ,neglect and effecting motivation of armed forces of India.
    This sort of attitude and practices would not be accepted by civilian employees of GOI.
    How and why soldiers would accept.???
    This Q is in public domain.Anybody or every body can Q ?
    There is contempt of court also.*
    This issue is not some meharbani ? ,particularly when civilian employees were promptly paid or took out their money from national pool of funds by signing for themselves.
    Where are the armed forces !.This leaves a bad feeling that MOD & MOF dealing staff seem to be feeling that it is going from their pockets when soldiers who defend them are to be paid .
    These are obvious natural feelings.

  6. This issue of implementing judicial verdict of pen at 50% of pay after 20yrs svc/min pensionable SVC for pre 2006 retirees ,without the stipulation of that 33 yrs clause ,- when it is promptly implemented to civilian employees who did not have the weightage factor;where is the problem or any ray of doubt for implementation to soldiers ,who had the weightage factor which was carved by reducing higher % age of pensions than 50%.
    It is amazing and strange ! ,even to give that 50% of pay ,without the existing factor of weightage ,these babus are playing games by giving some git pit file noting's .people are passively watching and waiting for some sort of meharbani.As per judicial verdict pension is a deffered wage.
    If ,there is poverty or financial limitations,this should not have been given to civilian employees ,promptly !.After judicial verdict and after it is promptly implemented to all civilian employees ,there is no scope or justification for delay by resorting to some irrelevant (baq baq , git pit notings.)
    Babu's are playing games after they got their dues and concerned netas are not able to handle the issue and babus.
    What was already given to soldiers at higher than min and lower than max,stands sanctioned by Govt ; awaiting the legitimate plea of pen at max. That partly covers the weight age component for mil svc.
    Let all concerned incl heads /top brass understand these matrix for delivery/implementation.

  7. Why separate order is required. Is
    The Defence Minister not part of
    Govt. Why two different order for
    One rule of same Govt????

  8. Every now and then we criticise babus but who gave them chance to play Games with soldiers. We are suffering due to lack of political will and personal interests of our seniors.How many times did we think of supporting the veterans when we were in service....

  9. This is another example of our authorities treating the Soldiers in India

  10. Only Supreme Court can show the Babus their place and the ESM associations should stop writing to the likes of Madam Damayanthi for according to one of her curt reply over mail dated 27 May, the issue was under process.And don't expect the busy Raksha Mantri to take up such silly issues with the Babus, who are in any case processing the notification.

  11. Any government bends backwards to please civilian employees union lest they make their life miserable. Remember, how they quickly moved to avoid the show down from 11 July. But they all take it easy to ignore and humiliate the Jawans and the veterans without a care in the world. Shameless ......ds have neither the time nor the inclination to fulfill even court directives gracefully. ...te .i ...ad ...n ..b .e ..b m..... c....

  12. Dear veterans I hand sent e- mail to PM , RM , and Mos for pension on DL33 to PM under PG portal .replay given was to contact J S ms damayanthy with their telephone no .what a pity this is how the Pmo office functioning .our PM promised less govt and more governance.and this how more governance is taking place for veterans and defence personnel. I used to call desw once in a week .they keep telling vas usual that it is under consideration, It is under process, there are some issues,etc. R m have no control over the Babus in MOD. The file is with the finance wing of MOD for the last one and a half month. Tomorrow I will reply to PM portal about this sorry state of affair.

  13. Dear Friends,
    A remainder to This E-mail is sent to Mrs Damayanti Mam Today. I do not Know whether She will Reply,& What is the reason for not replying.Earlier Madam used to reply to my mail.

  14. In this respect the three Chiefs must take action to release orders.

  15. Several issues of disperity ,delays & denials of military service employees(soldiers) and pensioners are piling up .with multiplying and compounding effect ,pressure naturally builds up and the bubble would burust ,sooner or later.
    It is time and high time that all concerned ,particularly the designated Heads at all stages and levels act to resolve issues and matters.
    Let individuals ,esm asso , blogs and analysts review ,redraw ,tabulate ,summarise and high light in the Various forums of public activity in national interest.In democracy ,netas & babu's are accountable and they have to act & perform to public opinion .

  16. Once the due for civilian employees was given without delay, why this step motherly treatment to soldiers

  17. We are having three chiefs.We expect them to look after us.We fail to
    understand their silence.Please take some action.

  18. Didn't I say on more than one occasion that Madam Damayanthi, if not retired, and if still processing the notification has no one to fear or account for her work responsibilities as she or who ever is entrusted to do the needful are busy calculating their own arrears of 7th CPC and only a Court order to them by name / designation can move them. Nothing else and no one else can move the Babus of DESW. Yes even RM. Visit this story again next week......

  19. The whole scenario shows that babu's of MOD care damm about the ESM .Mr. Menon hope for the best ,your RTI may put the stone ...rolling.

  20. My disability pension has not yet revised, in view the benefits of the same has not been credited
    BOI- 443610100002901
    PN singh
    Ex NK