Saturday, 23 July 2016


 If I flash back my memories,
 to remember my,
 “So called Child- hood days”.  //
I can only reach up to
 when I was just four years old
 or may be plus few more days. //
 What I can recall,
Those were the only golden days.  //

I played with my friends day and night. //
Without any worries ,
They  were all just out of sight. //
I was showered all the love from all around. //
That was the real and great family bound.  //

As I grew a bit older,
may be another year or two. //
Imposing of restriction started,
though they were very few. //
Learning things was an experience,
To me, which was all new //
Today if recall my those days,
I can only say,
They were just like drops of morning dew. //

I reached my early teen very soon. //
The life had turned to a full summer noon. //
The burden of studies,
The fear of Teachers,
 Made me upset every day. //
The child hood started turning,
 From the white to the grey. //
The body started taking a new shape,
The new experience was on its way. //
The changes were noticed by all,
That is the game, with all,  the nature play. //

Many more restrictions from the parents,
Starting pouring in from all the ways. //
That made me to think in many ways. //
Deeply I started thinking  everything  twice. //
Am I the same child who, at one time,
Was one of their own rejoice.? //

 Is this the end of the childhood.? //
 That is how the world is,
 Of late that I really understood. //
 This was the actual age. //
 When self decisions in the life,
 Were actually to be made. //


  1. Dear All,

    Being an Indian citizen I wish to say that we have done a very blunder mistake on electing one of the most useless NDA Government in 2014, it seems that present NDA Government is totally dead against to see the welfare of Central Government Employees especially to Lower /Middle level salaried class employees such if any type of welfare measures has been asked through demand either by Defence side or from Civil Association then this Government is giving negative replies in each steps on each occasions. I also wishes to say that UPA Government was bad but not that much bad to salaried class employees as felt by salaried class during Seventh Pay Commission since the Government has appointed Committee, sub committee to cheat and eye wash to employees including delaying to give Pay Commission related allowances. All Bureaucrats are totally benefited with Pay Commission at present as they got huge hike in their salaries but others especially Pay Band I and II and III are not that much benefited at all in every steps. Now I also realised that Mr AK Antony then the Defence Minister in UPA II, he has done lot of things to Defence Forces especially hiking the Military Service Pay of JCOs/ORs from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000/- per month in 6 th Pay Commission, formed two Secretary Level Committee in 2009 and in 2012 finally he has ordered on implementation of One Rank One Pension as per Koshiyari on 26 Feb 2014 and Draft Government Letter was issued in Apr 2014 but present worse Government has entirely spoiled the actual definition and applied total dilution in each steps on One Rank One Pension also the present Government has done nothing repeat nothing to JCOs/ORs on hiking their Military Service Pay and other allowances related to Hard duties performed by Service Personnel especially on Siachen Allowance since Bureaucrats who are sitting at Guwahati or its similar places are getting more Allowance than a Defence Forces who are deployed at Field area/or any other Hard stations. I consider the main culprit is Flag Officers of Defence Forces are not interested to see the welfare of their own subordinates as they are very keen on their own welfare and crazy/greedy on high status like Governors,Ambassadors etc after retirement

    In addition i wish to to state that the 7 Pay Commission has severely cheated the Armed Forces Personnel especially Subedar Major and Below & equivalents in Indian Navy and Air Forces on Military Service Pay such as Officers of 03 Forces has been granted the MSP for Rs. 15500/- , Military Nursing Service (MNS) is for Rs. 10800/- and Junior Commissioned Officers and Below (JCOs/ORs) who are the main combatant and facing all threats, hazards first in every field like war/peace/Terrorist activities are only granted Rs. 5200/- per month which is too crucial and mockery to JCOs and ORs & equivalents of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force hence my request is to take up the issue of Military Service Pay with Ministerial committee which was formed on 01 Jul 2016 to settle the anomalies of 7 CPC

    I hope your good Office will do the needful to our JCOs/ORs and equivalent Ranks of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force to boost up the morale and to avoid decline in their efficiency by day by day due to such type of irregularities and huge gap of Military Service between Officers/MNS and JCOs/ORs

    In addition Broad Banding of Disability Pension to all based on Honourable Supreme Court Judgement of 10 Dec 2014 since MOD has issued Broad Banding of Disability Pensions to only litigant but similar placed Disabled not entitled since they are non litigant..Therefore, necessary action may please initiated to avoid such type of discrimination between litigants and non litigants of Indian Armed Forces similar placed Disabled Personnel on their Disability Pension

    Reply Please

    With regards

    1. I am totally disagree with your views about present Govt. Present govt is thousand time better than previous congress govt. Leader of this Govt Sh Modiji is an amaging person. You are disagree with him because he had started to take work from you people and is not giving useless importance to so called important persons like you.

  2. This time the NJCA leaders are offering only lip service. They are with the government.

  3. Sir when will be the second installment of OROP arrears we will get

  4. Surya Namaskar is required for NJCA leaders

  5. Sir
    The MSP Rs 5600 for jco as per 7thCPC.Out Of which 50% is it applicable for pensioner. Pl clarify

    Ex Jwo k Rama krishna

  6. My earlier comments have been deleted because these were positive. If present government is doing good work for the military person/pensioners why should not thank them