Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Dear Colleagues,
          Accompanied by IESM Governing Body members Hony Captains Nagendar Singh and Balwan Singh as well as Risaldar Om Parkash I met the Raksha Mantri today. While I did highlight some other points, OROP inevitably topped the agenda. The RM has all the details worked out, including the expenditure involved in implementing OROP separately for officers, JCOs/OR, families, disabled etc. He did mention the latest spanner thrown in by a related Supreme Court decision (in the case of Maj Gen SPS Vains) where the OROP has been mentioned. However, he appeared confident of resolving the issue without much problem.
          The RM is in full grip of the situation. He exudes and inspires confidence. In a relatively short time he has acquired good understanding of the complex manpower structure of the defence forces. He is also fully supportive of the uniformed personnel.
          Timeline for OROP? All clearances seems to be in place. Work is progressing apace. My own estimate is OROP will come latest   by 26 May 2015, when the NDA completes one year in office. I have given the farthest limit so that we do not again fall prey to disappointment. Having said that I am hopeful it will come much sooner than 26 May. Till then let us be patient.
Other Points
          Some other points that were mentioned and handed over to the RM are:
1.    Reservists' Pension.  They are entitled to 2/3 of the minimum pension of a Sepoy with 15 years' service, but not less than Rs 3,500/- per month. As of now they are getting their entitlement. With OROP the minimum pension of a Sepoy will rise, necessitating up-scaling of the Reservists' pension.Their number is very small.
2.    Pension of pre-2006 Hony Naib Subedars.  As of today, Hony Naib Subedars of post 1.1.2006 era are getting the pension of a regular Naib Subedar but the pre- 2006 retirees are getting a Havildar's pension. Number of the affected persons being small and finite, this anomaly needs to be removed.
3.    Pension of Majors.   It was highlighted that concept of OROP as well as Supreme Court ruling speak against creating a dividing line for grant of pension. Therefore, while considering grant of a Lt Colonel's pension to a pre 16.12.2004 Major, there should be no further dividing line based on 1.1.1996. Officers that retired prior to 1.1.1996 in the rank of Major are only about 700 in number and should not be subjected to any discrimination. The point was registered.
4.    Minimising Court Cases.   It was highlighted that till the Third Pay Commission, there were practically no court cases. Any pay commission anomaly that was perceived was discussed and resolved between the Army Chief, Defence Secretary and their assisting staff. That system needs to be revived.
          In this connection I also highlighted that when a military person seeks legal intervention, he is actually a representative of a larger group. There should be a provision where the relief provided to an individual should automatically extend to others similarly affected. The RM clarified that legally, since it is not a PIL, the individual fights for himself and the courts cannot give that benefit to others. However, an administrative mechanism can be put in place for extending such benefit to others. He further added that he is already having it examined for implementation.  This showed how positively he is disposed toward resolving the soldiers' problems.
​ Best regards,
Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
Chairman IESM
262, Sector - 17A
Gurgaon - 122 001


  1. Dear Vetetans, think deeply right from the beginning non of the statements are matching to each other whether it is PM or MOF or DM or the Babus of MOD or Print media or electronics media or IESM headed byaj Gen Satbir Singh or headed by Lt Gen Kadyan. Now even the opposition in the parliament is also not telling anything. Here it is clearly understood that definitely some are more & more profited probably for making us fool every time. Is it not high time for us to go on long & peacefu dharana ? If so please get ready. Enough is enough

  2. Dear friend, this govt is also like UPA Govt. They will keep on delaying the matter in this way now it it right time to rethink us and tighten our belt and laces for further struggle. Those who are telling for keep patience and take drink tonight actually they are sold out with the govt.We should not just believe them and now we should get ready for the protest.

  3. I agree with the comments of Mr Dhyanidhi Patnaik. Surely something going wrong and making us fools by the politicians with the help of babus.We must act now. Yes, it is the time for dharnas .

  4. I think opposition or media no one is asking govt or defence minister. Today Defence Minister was giving interview but nothing was mention of one rank one pension. Now some days defence minister on foreign tour. I think only PM if intervene than this can solved. Otherwise file will move from defence minister to finance minister and finance minister to defence minister.

  5. Dear sir,
    The reply with regard to OROP changes from time to time like a reptile which takes the color of object on which it perches, very sad news no body seems to be bothered about the sentiments and feelings of ex defense personnel. charter of time is some times it is weeks now months no definite article is placed before time of implementation. how they are fooling us. the country where ex service men and farmers suffer because of politicians wrong management.

  6. RDOA and IESM should plan dharnas all over India so that govt be alerted about their game plan of delaying tactics and subsequently worn out the ESM to forget OROP.

  7. Expedite OROP before demises of Ex-servicemen. Officers and BJP two sides of a coin. Please do not belief.

  8. Dear Pl note you are the cheapest , easily foolable human being .Now wait for to reach June 2015 and again some reasons will be found to delay and deny your sacrifice decided rights to OROP. I have no hope of seeing the day light on OROP and Gimmicks and Business tricks are sweetly , administratively applied .May god bless the veterans for geeting solace to the torn mind and heart

  9. Unfortunately all our leaders are Yes masters, whatever the politician say they believe, whereas politicians had ever strict on their words since independence


  10. Once at the time of UPA Government Ex PM Manmohan Singh stated , that he has done OROP , he was caught held immediately for wrong statement by Mr LK Adwani and after three days parities in pension was declared with notification . As they are making false statements time and again , Shri LK Adwani should be requested to take up the matter with PM .. Thanks JCR

  11. Dear General your troops never betrayed you during service or after that but now you are making fool of all esm who trusted you so much. Soldiers know how to fight. Fight like a soldier. Don't play politics with your men. This is going to prove harmful to the country which they serve so selflessly. Just think and act fast. Don't test the saturation point.

  12. I never knew one needs approval to convey feelings.

  13. Whom to believe or not believe. You will not get anything(OROP)You publize or not. Fact is fact. Anybody can create blog. Some body only hardly surface the fact. In the present scenario OROP may come at the time they complete the tenure to attract the votting power of veteran for the successive election

  14. If the politicians want their pay and allowances to be increased the ruling and opposition members will come together and approve it immediately. But those who have sacrificed their young age for our country, the politicians are not bothered about them. If the politicians have any mercy towards to veterans, they should not delay the OROP.

  15. bjp cabinet making fool ex-servicemen as per their slogan