Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Dear Members,
IESM has been getting calls from veterans who wanted to know the correct position of OROP. Veterans are very confused about the various mails floating on the net giving different status of OROP. 
IESM sought an appointment with RM to learn the real situation from RM himself. IESM delegation consisting of four members Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Maj Gen AJB Jaini, Gp Capt VK Gandhi and Hon Lt K Pandey met Sh Manohar Parikkar at 1300h on 14 Apr 15. Displaying 353.jpg
RM was forthcoming and explained the latest situation. OROP file has been moving upwards as predicted. At the last stage an official from Finance Ministry has put an observation about the SC ruling regarding SPS vains case. RM was fully apprised of the SPS Vains case and told the delegation that this observation is not applicable to OROP case. Hence suitable reply will be given on file by MOD and file will be sent back for approval.  

RM further stated that he is working to issue Government letter latest by June end that is within one year of NDA Government being sworn to power. He sounded very confident that OROP is foregone conclusion and the next step is issuance of notification for OROP and the tables. He assured IESM delegation that the notification for OROP will be issued soon.
IESM delegation requested RM that stake holders must be involved in finalizing Government letter and the relevant tables for OROP. He confirmed that calculations for his note were done by Armed Forces pay cells and he would keep this in mind. 

IESM delegation came back fully assured that OROP is in safe hands of RM Sh Manohar Parikkar who will make sure that OROP will see the day light after 30 yrs of struggle. 
Dear Veterans have a drink and celebrate. 
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM.


  1. Again a shifted goal post. What is the sanctity of one year from swearing in? Just watch. It will soon become one year from Mr Parrikar's taking over. And the one year from something else.
    At this rate I am afraid, the NDA may not get a chance of swearing in after 2019 because the sins of shedding crocodile tears on our soldiers' may have overtaken the party by then.
    Further, look at our defence minister. He says a finance ministry high official has put a spoke and hence the delay. He thinks we are all fools. (OF COURSE WE ARE, OR ELSE WHY DO WE STILL TRUST THE STATEMENTS MADE BY ALL AND SUNDRY). If the defence minister is truthful he should name the official and we then will know who the actual villain of the piece is.

  2. Every time IESM is telling us to have a drink. I am yet to the drink is in elation or sorrow 💔?

  3. Dear sir,

    Finally what the MODI government (itinerary planner) is going to do that definitely it will be handed over to the chairman 7th pay commission for the further action. no OROP it was 4 to 8 weeks in 2014, then march last and then april last and may first, RM says it would be released on completion of one year of modi govt in office. I do not know what is going to happen poor soldiers are worst sufferer

  4. Again a shifted goal post. What is the sanctity of one year from NDA's swearing in? Just watch. Soon it would be one year from Mr Parikkar's swearing in as the defence minister. And then it could be one or two years from something else. Don't worry there are four more such one-year games before the NDA is to face another election. Then orop will again be in their manifesto.
    Seriously, such drama must end. We are of course fools to believe these unending stunts and cock and bull stories being peddled by all and sundry. Who is the high and mighty finance official who could dare to put a spoke in our beloved minister's plans for implementation of OROP? The minister must disclose and we should all know who this villain of tthe piece is.
    Gp Capt Gandhi is doing a great job no doubt but a word of caution for him: please do not keep opening champagne bottles every other day lest we end up as broke drunkards. It is in a lighter vein groupie. Just keep up the good work.

  5. "Have a drink and celebrate" this is what Gp.Capt. V.K.Gandhi has said at the end of his note above.How long we will keep on taking pegs after pegs? The veterans are eagerly waiting for green signal.I along with many veterans had attended the rally at jantar mantar on 01Feb 2015.Since then we are getting tarikh pe tarikh.It appears that even R M is helpless.The entire issue will keep on lingering till the general election.Today's meeting with RM by IESM has brought distress and nothing else.

    1. By name GANDHI he must have told us to have soft drinks only. Also he will tell only the truth but he cant avoid what others tell lie to him on OROP. Why NDA govt has to choose anniversary first year for release of OROP. They can issue govt letter now and advise the imlementation on the anniversary day if they want really to give OROP. Patience,trump card and other measures will help usto console ourselves and will not bring any result potentially. The political rulers are still ready to believe and guided by beauracrats ie babus who are as good as villain to armed forces veterans

  6. We expected this delay. The politicians with the help of babus making us the serving/ex service /family pensioners/disablty pensioners fools since last one. year or so. Firstly the then UPA govt played politics at far end of their tenure announcing OROP and allot just 500 crores. Then Mr Mody played cheap politics while election campaign and announced the OROP will be implemented immediately after the NDA govt comes in power. Though after sworn in as PM of India he given the assurance that OROP will be given and once at Kargil he declared that OROP has already implemented.???? While at office as DM by Mr Jaytley he never given any assurance to our IESM reps regarding OROP but neglected our IESM team because we are fools as he believes so. Then Mr Parekkar taken the charge of DM and announced the several times that the OROP will be implemented...today...next week...next month.......by 30 Apr 15 and now says 30 Jun 2015. How we believe this politicians who are dancing with the music played by the babus? I believed that this is Very poor performance by our ministry expecially PM and DM who took nearly one year in office but failed to implement their election manefesto of OROP and continusely making us fools.Don't belive them more....most probably the OROP case will be handed over to 7th CPC. I believe so...

  7. Have drink and celebrate without any govt decision letter and fly with departed soul

  8. Very bad ! The notification was to issued by Mar- April end now it is being dragged to Jun 15 . It is very frustrating and confusing.

  9. As they say, there is that proverbial distance between the cup and the lip - in this case of celebration between the glass and the lip or as has been conveyed - from now and June - mind you the year has not been mentioned - it will not be correct to celebrate till the notification and tables are published in papers, Now it is June but an announcment from Red Fort may look more attractive so delay till Aug can not be ruled out and may be some more innovative delay ?????? Neverthless have a couple of pegs !!!!!

  10. Dear sir,

    Now we come to understand that we should not fall prey to the mealy mouthed and oily tongued BJP politicians pre election false promises, to capture the power and enjoy the status of princely life is bait for the desperate defense pensioners. how cunningly they postpone the matter under pretext one or other by befooling the veterans. beware and be cautious to react in the ensuing elections, our role is so significant and necessary in winning the election

  11. For all the apparent possible sincerity of the DM and IESM that OROP is a foregone conclusion, things are certainly not above board and transparent and there is more to it behind the labrynth corridors of south and north blocks than what is told in public duly sugar ( or rum ) coated. DM has so far been successful in retaining his services friendly image despite hiding the facts else what explains the changing dates of expected notification which by his own commitment in Feb. was before end March then end Apr and now end Jun. Indian BB babus are too cunning and smart for DM and even PM to let go without taking hell out of all. Keep your fingers crossed and don't get into celebration mode till the notification and tables are published. Nevertheless, enjoy your couple of pegs out of your unfair pension.

  12. Dear General just think of the soldiers who are desperately looking at your face being cheated time and again. Did they ever cheat the country during or after service? What happens to the country if they also start behaving like our politicians? Just think twice. Don't take any undue advantage of their silence. When a soldier decides to fight he never thinks of the consequences. Don't bring him to that situation. Just think and think fast.

  13. Dear All
    Drinking is INJURIOUS to health and wealth.
    So in anticipation of OROP please do not start drinking daily
    Due to frustration caused by delay.
    Major (Retd.) P J Rao

  14. Gandhi ji, mera to 4 Old Monk ka kota 3din me khatam ho gya aur aap kahte ho pee jao aur ji jao.
    You are requested to send me at least 24bottles of OM to forget OROP. Please obelize .

  15. Number of wrong messages appears in the net and create confution to increase the BP of old pensioners. Some body is enjoying by seeing the comment. For the last one year onwards only the subject discussed by the veterans are the UNOFFICIAL PENSION CHART posted in the net. Request not to post confusing statements.

  16. This is how government works. Only promises are made to attract the vote bank. Once they win, they forget their promises. Every time IESM will have a meeting with RM, a new date and month along with some new rules, regulations and another approval from the LS & RS will come forth. But we wont get the news that OROP is implemented.